I wrote my dissertation on the Kardashians, and I got a first

There’s more to talk about than just Kim’s bum

Eliza Cummings, the girl who wrote her 10,000 word dissertation entirely on the Kardashians, has landed a first. The dissertation named “Keeping up with the Kardashians: A postfeminist fairy tale?” earned 76 per cent which helped her leave University with a first class honours degree.

In the lead up to the end of her Sociology studies, she knew that she wanted to pick something for her dissertation that she would never get bored of – deciding “as a joke”‘ that she would choose the Kardashians.

“I knew I wanted to do something about postfeminism, and I wanted to pick something I would never get bored of. I also thought there was probably a lot more to the family than meets the eye.”

Six weeks went by and she realised the joke was about to turn into a reality, as it became too late to change her mind. While it may seem unlikely that there’s more to talk about than just Kim’s bum and Kanye’s odd choice of baby names – Eliza covered topics such as consumerism and sexual liberation.

How do you study for writing a dissertation on the Kardashians? Eliza totalled near enough 80 hours of viewing time on the reality show – analysing whether or not the Kardashians are in fact ‘a postfeminist fairytale.’

As well as the dissertation achieved, Eliza found it hard to be taken seriously by many of her friends and peers. She has experienced huge amounts of ‘vaguely condescending’ behaviour towards her and many people took what she was doing as a ‘novelty.’

“Generally, my friends think it’s completely ridiculous. Ollie Burrows, a Law finalist at Durham, told me: ‘Every time I see your stupid title it makes me sad’

“I feel like if someone studying English or Law chose the Kardashians, everyone would comment on how interesting and insightful it was, but everyone turns their noses up at Sociology already so it didn’t really help.”

Her parents on the other hand were a lot more supportive – with her dad being one of her greatest helps, talking with her about arguably America’s most famous family for hours, how they and their clan have dominated the global media over the last decade, from sex tapes to sex changes and marriages to divorces, all while building an estimated $200 million empire.

And if you were wondering, Eliza’s favourite Kardashian is Kourtney, as the least affected by consumerist culture.