Weather in the North and the Midlands will be rubbish this week

While we’re wet, the South get sun

Unlike the South – the North won’t be experiencing any trips to the beach this week; with the forecast showing seven days of cold and potentially wet weather.


A lovely wet and cold start to the week with Tuesday and Wednesday seeing temperatures of around 11 degrees with high levels of rain throughout the day leading well into the evening.

Thursday will see a drier but still overcast morning with a high chance of rain in the evening, with temperatures levelling around 16 degrees.

Friday to Sunday however, may give some people the chance to have a weekend out and about – with the forecast showing a dry, and overcast. Temperatures will reach heights of 20 degrees.


Another very wet start to the week; Monday to Thursday will see constant showers with a small chance of some sunshine on Tuesday – temperatures ranging from 17 to 19 degrees.

There will again be an overcast but dry weekend for Newcastle, with temperatures levelling around 14 degrees.


A fairly better start to the week with temperatures sitting at around 13 degrees and Tuesday to Wednesday staying dry. Thursday will see a slightly warmer day with temperatures reaching up to 16 degrees, with a high chance of rain starting  in the afternoon and leading well into the evening.

The weekend will see temperatures reach heights of 20 degrees with sunny spells throughout the afternoon.


Another wet start to the week, Liverpool will have a wet afternoon on Monday with temperatures reaching 18 degrees. Tuesday to Friday will be brightened up by sunny spells throughout and temperatures levelling out around 17 degrees.

The weekend will be mostly dry with Saturday seeing chance of a few small showers – the sun coming out mostly on Sunday where temperatures will see heights of 20 degrees.


A continuation of greyness, Leeds will have a dry but overcast start to the week – with Monday to Thursday seeing temperatures sit around 14 degrees.

The weekend has a chance to brighten up however, with sunny spells breaking through on Saturday and Sunday – temperatures won’t climb much higher unfortunately though with the highest being 16 degrees.