Things you only get if you’re from Preston

You’re sick of explaining to people what a butter pie is, aren’t you?

No one knows where Preston is and everyone seems confused by our local delicacy, butter pie.

Regardless, it’s where we grew up and memories of lounging on Avenham park and going to the Warehouse on a Tuesday will always be cherished – even if we’re the only ones who relate.

You tell outsiders you’re from Manchester

No one knows where Preston is outside of Lancashire and if they do it’s only because they changed trains there once. It’s easier to tell new flatmates or holiday friends you’re from Manchester and you kind of want them to think you are. After all isn’t that why even though Blackpool is closer and Liverpool is just as close, we keep aligning ourselves with the Mancs?

Knowing everyone on a night out 

With only five clubs to choose from, you can’t go out in Preston without bumping into someone from your primary school, football club or work. It’s Macs or Warehouse if you grew up in Preston and Evoque and Cameo if you just go to the uni here. You also know someone is too old to be out in town if they use phrases like ”Tokyo Joes” or ”Raiders”.

Getting drunk on Avenham 

Some say its a right of passage, others say its reckless to drink two litres of frosty jacks and then throw up near the fountain. Luckily your parents probably weren’t too pissed off about it cause they did it when they were your age, too.

The Bus Station

Everyone hates it, but if someone outside of Preston offends it you’ll have to point out its “architectural significance” and how it is the biggest bus station in Europe (which it isn’t, it’s actually second). Special mention to the number 3 bus that runs at 2am Friday and Saturday so you can grab a bus home from outside Evoque.

Butter Pie

You didn’t realise what you had ’til it was gone. No one knows what it is outside P-Town and friends who don’t know Preston think you’re mad to rave about potato, butter and onion in a pie. You crave it when your away from home as much as as you miss a proper brew when you’re abroad.

The Runshaw-Newman Rivalry 

We didn’t and don’t hate each other but our staff do. You know that both will always claim they have proof they are the better college, but really choosing a college came down to either whether you wanted an extra day off a week (you went to Runshaw) or if it was more important you weren’t in the middle of nowhere so you could pop to Topshop and Starbucks on your frees (you went to Newman). Or you went to Preston College and avoided the whole rivalry thing.

The Conti

You’ve moved on from getting drunk on Avenham and The Continental pub is the only place to be on a sunny afternoon. The problem is everyone knows it and as Preston is the rainiest city in England (this is a fact), a sunny day is rare and not a square of grass in the beer garden will be free. Extra points to the 90s kids who remember Captain Coconuts and had a birthday party there as a kid before it got turned into a function room.

Eating our chicken nuggets after a hard day running around Captain Coconuts play area

You don’t actually want – or like – chips and gravy

Despite the stereotype most Prestonians don’t like chips and gravy. We’d rather get fries with red salt from a dodgy takeaway on Church Street or a cheap pizza.

Drunk pizza eating

Sir Tom Finney is basically a Saint

Probably the most famous person to come out of Preston and yet only Prestonions know of him nowadays. Everyone knows his place in British football regardless of any love for the game. Half the city is named after him from the Sir Tom Finney Pub to the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre and Sir Tom Finney High School.