Last month was officially the wettest June we’ve ever experienced

It just didn’t stop raining…

It’s near impossible to find a Brit who doesn’t complain about the weather, but last months statistics show June to be the wettest month ever recorded.

An overview of June’s weather statistics prove that our weather genuinely has been appalling. Last month was the wettest June recorded since weather records began in 1910; relentless downpours, thunder and lightening made it truly abysmal. After a sweltering July 2015, the 2nd hottest on record, many expected to be basking in temperatures almost as hot as the 36.7 degrees celsius recorded at Heathrow airport that month, rather than running for cover from yet another storm this year.

Instead, last years’ flip flops remain untouched in favour of wellies as severe floods and storms struck the UK last month. Rather than embracing every second of our great British summer, people were forced to hibernate inside and watch the storms from their window. Much of England and Wales had “slow-moving heavy downpours”, with Essex and Middlesex recieving 111.9mm and 112.5mm of rainfall respectively. The UK on average had 83.9mm of rain.

Mr Keates, from the Met Office, noted how it was also a significantly dark month for England, as brightness was well below the 90 per cent average at 69 per cent for the month.

The country was deeply affected, with festival goers finding themselves caked in mud, and Wimbledon’s tennis stars required to play matches on consequent days due to rain delays.

The 250,000 music lovers at Glastonbury found themselves with the task of powering through the the mud to get where they needed to be. The sheer amount of rain prior to the festival, and indeed festivals all over the country, meant that the Glastonbury campus became more of a Tough Mudder course than an enjoyable festival area.

I’m not sure many were prepared to swim back to their tent

Yes, as Brits we’re used to poor weather, but the horrific weather in June was unprecedented and caused serious issues across Britain – let’s hope July is a touch brighter.