What the bookies think is going to happen in UK politics

Theresa May for Tory leader, anyone?

We all love to gamble, but most of us don’t have a clue what we’re doing.

Luckily, many bookies have offered the chance to bet on what may happen in politics so we can sit back with a bottle and watch the events unfurl.

Below are some of the odds given by the bookies, and their most likely predictions

Tory leadership: Theresa May, 4/6

That’s right, Theresa May is the bookies favourite to take the Tory throne at 4/6. The bookies have listed five candidates- they are:

Michael Gove: 3/1

Andrea Leadsom: 9/2

Stephen Crabb: 20/1

Liam Fox: 40/1

The bookies have also given 11/10 odds on Gove and May being the final two runners.

EU membership: Another UK referendum on EU membership before 2020, 3/1

It seems some of the bookies are swayed by the insane amount of support for a second referendum. The odds are stacked in favour of the UK deciding to still remain in the EU with:

The UK to still be a full member of the EU on 1st Jan 2020: 6/4

Another UK wide referendum on an EU issue before July 2017: 6/1

Next Labour leader: Angela Eagle, 9/4

Once a very strong supporter of Corbyn, Angela announced her “no confidence” in a rather emotional interview. It seems the bookies have confidence in her to be the prime contender for the Labour leadership, though.

Below are the other frontrunners:

Owen Smith: 6/1

Dan Jarvis: 8/1

John McDonnell: 8/1

Hilary Benn: 10/1

The next Chancellor of the exchequer: Andrea Leadsom, 2/1The Minister of State and Energy has come out of nowhere to throw her hat in the ring for the Conservative leadership. By doing so, many believe that she would most likely get second place with Chancellor in place for Theresa May, whose experience as home secretary would equip her adequately.

Gove is the second most popular contender. Boris Johnson also appears on the list:

Michael Gove: 5/2

Phillip Hammond: 7/1

Theresa May: 7/1

Sajid Javid: 7/1

Chris Grayling: 12/1

Matthew Hancock: 16/1

Nicky Morgan: 20/1

Jeremy Hunt: 20/1

Boris Johnson: 20/1

Winner of the next General Election: The Conservatives, 4/11

The Conservatives may just get another term in office according to the bookies. What’s a bit more worrying is that the best odds for what year the next General Election is held is 2016 at 2/1.

At least the Green Party is 200/1 to win.