The reaction of the Remainers has undermined the unity they were fighting for

The Remain side has revealed prejudices of its own

I was surprised and full of joy on Friday morning when I realised that we had actually done it: that the British electorate had chosen to leave the European Union. This sadly turned to anger and shame when I logged on to Facebook to find endless posts of remain supporters acting like drama queens and throwing their toys out of the pram.

You lost, and democracy prevailed.

Did you really think that calling us leave supporters narrow-minded bigots was going to persuade the average voter to come over to your side? Your own elitist prejudice and hate has cost you this referendum – not some racist plot but your complete lack of understanding of the fact that the British people do not and will not have their sovereignty taken away from them. That they will not not be ruled by unelected elites and officials who sneer at and ignore our everyday worries.

So many commas

To those Remain supporters being respectful of the the result, I am genuinely surprised and sympathetic that you lost. I know it’s not easy and I thank you for your patience – together we will build a stronger Britain. To those Remain supporters who do not respect the decision taken by the British electorate I say tough luck. I am not sorry at all that democracy has not gone your way. The elderly have not ruined your life, and the white-van-man has not destroyed your chance at a decent future. Get over yourselves, you are university students for God’s sake and should know better.

I support free speech but don’t get defensive when you personally throw online abuse at Leave supporters and then get called up on it. I support democracy, which makes me genuinely disappointed in some of you. This country took an interest in democracy and took part en masse, with 72% turning out to vote.

Ambivalence didn’t lose you the referendum, your own hatred did. Think about that and maybe one day you might just learn from it. One day you might just learn that people have a different opinion to your own, and that being an over-emotional brat is not going to get you anywhere.

For those who thought that we should have never have had this referendum because the British public are too “uneducated about Europe”, I am surprised you were even able to see the ballot paper with your head so far up your own arse. This is how democracy works. People vote and those with the most votes wins, not who can whine the loudest on social media about those uneducated swine who disagreed with them.

This country is divided at the moment. Not because of racism but because of a deep rooted prejudice against the average voter, and blanket dismissal of opinions that contrast our own. Now is not the time to start throwing around terms like “racist”, and “bigot”.

Internationals, you are not going to be deported. Lefties, the BNP are not going to seize power. Now is the time to build the UK into something better, a more welcoming society that actually listens to its electorate. It is not the Leave side that needs to learn how to forgive but the Remain side.

Great Britain as a whole has entered a new era, and now is the time to heal, renew friendships and try to unify our broken nation. We cannot rebuild on broken foundations.