The European comfort foods to eat if you’re still sad about Brexit

Before they stop importing croissants, at least

If you’re still mourning the UK voting to leave the EU, here’s the definitive list of the foods you can eat to find comfort at this temultuous time.

Best enjoyed watching Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage blooper videos on YouTube.

A Belgian waffle (Belgium)

Go out, buy a waffle maker and treat yourself to one of these beauties. They’re fluffy and sweet with a crispy outside, the gooey chocolate adding a unique dimension to the… sorry, am I waffling on?

A cold pint of Guinness (Ireland)

Out of all the items on this list, this is possibly the best way to forget about the Brexit drama. Enjoy the rich, smooth taste of a cold pint of Guinness, possibly with a side of good old Irish stew and mashed potato.

A chocolate crêpe (France)

Is there anything more comforting than a crêpe smothered in smooth Italian Nutella, with a dash of whipped cream and a couple of sweet strawberries? No, didn’t think so.

Quick to cook, easy to eat,  and even perfect for a quick breakfast when you’ve been up all night worrying about the economy.

Paella and a gallon of Sangria (Spain)

Paella is one of those things that can be cooked in under an hour, yet looks like you’ve been slaving all day over a hot stove to make it.

The stodgy rice, the spicy chorizo and the fresh fish, all washed down with some ice cold sangria – what more could you want to calm your post-Brexit woes?

A Danish pastry (Denmark)

A delicious, sweet and sticky bun may be just what you need to get you feeling happy and contented again. Also, if you need extra cheering up, you can put them on the side of your head and pretend you’re Princess Leia.

Gouda on toast with a beautiful spliff (Holland)

Give your normal cheese on toast a twist by using creamy gouda instead. It takes a bit longer to bubble and brown, but it’s definitely a gouda (!) snack to try.

Also, if you really need to calm down after the referendum results, a joint may be just what you need.

Lasagne (Italy)

Cheese, meat, pasta = three of the best comforting foods, in one delicious dish. Enjoy with a side of garlic bread and you’re sorted, the doom and gloom of Brexit lingering far, far away.

Feta salad (Greece)

Salad might not instantly strike you as being one of the best comfort foods, but as the temperature gets hotter and the pressure builds to get a holiday body, you don’t want to indulge too much in Greece-y foods – even if you will spend most of the time in passport control.

Apple strudel (Austria)

It’s been a long weekend of politics and Brexit, and you just want to sit down in front of the season finale of “Orange is the New Black” with a warm apple strudel and vanilla ice-cream.

Bratwurst sausage (Germany)

It is BBQ season after all, so whack a bratwurst on the grill and have a posh hotdog while you drown your sorrows. Layer on the ketchup and mustard too for an extra kick, and eat in a French baguette if you need that extra European comfort.