These are the subjects going to be hit hardest by Brexit

Law, Economics and Psychology are all up there

Almost half of funding for some of the most popular subjects could be lost after Britain voted to leave the EU. Education and Law/legal studies suffer the most, with 43 per cent and 39 per cent of their research funding respectively, coming from the EU.

According to research company Digital Science, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, Environmental Sciences, and Information and Computing Sciences were all next on the list. Philosophy will lose 36 per cent of its research funding, environmental sciences will lose nearly 34 per cent of its funding, and information and computing is in the same boat, with the same amount of research funding being lost.

The UK is the second largest recipient of EU research grants and funding, second only to Germany. Britain receives sixteen per cent of the EU total, with Germany receiving seventeen per cent, and France being the next closest on eleven per cent.

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Other, more specific subjects are even harder hit. Forestry Sciences receives some 53 per cent of its funding from the EU. Evolutionary Biology loses even more – with 67 per cent of its competitive research funding will go. Nanotechnology, everyone’s favourite future sci-fi movie science, will lose 62 per cent of its funding, and oncology and carcinogenesis departments – key cancer research areas – will lose over 40 per cent of their funding.

However, the area hit by far the hardest is economic theory – 94 per cent of all competitive funding for the research discipline comes from EU sources, according to Digital Science’s report.