Old voters have wrecked everything. Here’s the proof

Look at the vote breakdown – we got screwed over

It’s clear young people were overwhelmingly pro-Remain in the EU referendum, but YouGov data taken on polling day shows just how dramatic the generational divide is. Three-quarters of all 18-24 year olds voted to remain, yet it wasn’t enough to keep the UK in the EU. Older, less educated voters came out in droves to regain British ‘sovereignty’ and reclaim their country from the immigrants who so endanger it.

It worked – older voters, despite large proportions voting to stay in the EU, were the driving mass behind Brexit. The breakdown of age difference is staggering.

Low-education voters swung for Leave too, demonstrating the success of Gove’s, Johnson’s and Farage’s racially-coded anti-immigration populism, as well as their antipathy toward experts.

The generational divide is one of the main talking points today