Don’t panic, your Erasmus year abroad won’t be affected by Brexit

They’re pretty chill about it

The ERASMUS student exchange programme is unlikely to be affected by the Brexit vote, according to the Erasmus Student Network.

The Student Network, who work alongside the official Erasmus programme to provide support and settle students in European countries, said that they think the Brexit vote is unlikely to change much, and that we can be fairly confident in the Erasmus programme continuing.


Gaffar Rampage, who works in communications for the Erasmus network, told The Tab: “We already work in countries outside the EU, like Bosnia or Switzerland, despite the negative effects of Switzerland’s referendum on immigration in 2014. We’ve been providing support for students across Europe in the last two days, who have clearly been very worried. The vast majority of young people in the UK voted for the EU, so we’re not worried about support for Erasmus generally.”