We asked young Europeans in London how worried they are post-Brexit

‘I feel like I’m not welcome here anymore’

The UK has voted to leave the EU, but what does that mean for the Europeans living here? We spoke to young Europeans in the capital about how they feel now Brexit is actually happening.

Marco, 32, Construction worker | Italy

For England it’s good, but the EU is finished. I think Spain, France, Italy and Germany will now do the same thing and have referendums.

There is no point in Europe existing without England. 27 states is too much, it’s stupid.

Renee, 18, Student | Netherlands

I’m not too sure, I don’t know enough about the economical and political aspects but I think we have to stand strong together, which is going to be hard.

They said it would be a slow transition, so I’m not too worried, but the EU would be better as a whole.

Jorge, 33, Florist | Spain 

It is a big mistake for the UK. I understand that people are scared of terrorists and that is a big issue. But I am worried.

I’ve been in London for two years and I might leave now – to Ireland or Spain. I don’t want to be here if people don’t want to be in Europe.

Victor, 23, Chef | Spain

I don’t know – we’re confused. We don’t know. For work, of course, and for money.

We’re nervous about the pound dropping. We need to be focusing on how we are going to work around it.

Gabriel, 26, Barrister | Italy 

Maybe it’s good for British people because of people coming from other countries, maybe like workers from Eastern Europe who charge less per hour – I don’t know.

For us, it’s the same really.

Donzado, 25, Shop assistant | Spain

It pissed me off. I feel like I’m not welcome here anymore. I moved to London because the situation is really bad in Spain and yeah, we’re pissed off because we don’t know what’s going to happen.

We are normal people like any British. We do the same things. It’s really sad. Knowing what’s going to happen is like a void, an emptiness – but you know it’s not going to be good.

Daniel, 23, Student | Bulgaria

For me, I don’t care. It’s your country. I want to be in my country. Maybe it will be bad.

Jorge, 24, Serrano ham shop assistant | Spain 

I think people are proud of Brexit, but it will be worse for them. But the company I work for is from Spain, so if worse comes to worst I can go back with them.

Some friends are afraid though. For those from Eastern Europe it will be harder.

Francisca, 32, Translation coordinator | Italy

I’m not happy with the results. I think people don’t understand why lots of Europeans are here – we help the economy and I don’t get this view against immigrants. I’m very disappointed.

I’m an intern at this company and was hoping to get a job after, but I don’t know what will happen in the next two years. No-one I know is happy.

Martin, 25, Student | Bulgaria 

It’s bad for all the EU. For this country, it’s bad for the pound. You’ll have recession, inflation – so many people will lose their jobs.

It’s bad for the whole world. We’re going to have problems.