Lads holidays could be in danger if we leave the EU

Which is obviously the most important thing

Cheap lads holidays could be no more if we leave the EU, says 24-year-old MP Stuart Donaldson. He told BBC Newsbeat that flights will be more expensive, employment opportunities abroad will decrease and healthcare in Europe will be more difficult to access.

Europe is the UK’s most popular tourist destination, and lads holidays to Zante, Magaluf and Ayia Napa are popular for their cheap cost and buzzing nightlife. However, a Brexit vote will make travel to Europe more expensive which could make lads on tour with cheap flights and accessible healthcare a thing of the past.

Donaldson recalled a night abroad where he received free medical care after “a fight with the pavement”, adding that medical care in Europe will be harder to access if we vote for Brexit tomorrow. Budget airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet may be forced to increase the price of their flights to Europe by up to 40 per cent. If prices go up, it is unlikely that lads holiday party capitals such as Zante will be as popular.

Lads on tour

Brexit will also make it more difficult for Brits to work abroad. Many young people have jobs working at parties and bars in popular holiday spots. Inside the EU, we have the opportunity to work in Europe without having to have a visa, which means less paperwork, making it much easier to find jobs in any EU country.

The boozy nature of lads holidays means that you probably want to make sure you will have access to medical care whilst you are there. Destinations like Magaluf are notorious for binge drinking and alcohol related violence so it’s best to be covered. Being in the EU means that everyone can have an EHIC card, giving them access to health care abroad.

While leave campaigners argue that leaving the EU will not make a huge difference for holiday makers, there is a risk that Brexit will make yearly lads on tour holidays a thing of the past. Rising prices, less employment opportunities and inaccessible health care are off putting, and so is the thought that we will only be able to afford cheap holidays in the UK. If we vote leave, deals will have to made with the EU to make sure this doesn’t happen, but there are no guarantees.