What your choice of breakfast says about you

It’s the most important meal of the day

Choosing breakfast is the first and often the most important decision of the day: who knew choosing eggs over Cookie Crisp could have a deeper meaning than just personal preference?

So much so, in fact, that we can tell what sort of person you are just from what you eat for your breakfast.


A British favourite for breakfast, you probably get your mum to poach yours on the Aga in your country kitchen in Devon.  You like to spend time in the garden with your cocker spaniel, and you rely on your hens to provide the goods.

When it comes to eggs on toast, the opportunities are endless – think poached, scrambled, fried, boiled – and their preparation reflects your efficient personality.  Presentation is everything (especially if you’re going to post it on Instagram).

Full English


You are probably about £300 into your overdraft but you don’t care because you are so hungover and Wetherspoons is calling you.

Their £2.99 traditional English breakfast is the only thing that can cure you after a night out.  The perfect combination of beans, bacon, sausage and eggs beats any other breakfast combo in your book, and it sets you up for a day browsing YouTube videos of how to get to the end city in Minecraft.

Granola and yoghurt


Granola and yoghurt (with assorted berries) is the perfect breakfast to squeeze in after your early morning yoga session, before you go and meet the girls for a chai tea latte in Starbs.

You are obsessed with healthy eating and, as the saying goes, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  Your Emma Bridgewater bowl and green tea are the perfect accompaniments to your healthy concoction, but it wouldn’t be complete without a drizzle of agave nectar on top.

No breakfast

You are one of the classic “I don’t eat breakfast” types.  You value the extra ten minutes in bed way more than a slice of toast and jam, so every day you insist in avoiding the kitchen before you leave the house.

We all see you sneak your cereal bar into your bag on your way out. You’re not fooling anyone.


You are a straightforward, straight talking type of person. You don’t appreciate the fuss associated with the latest breakfast crazes, and you always remain loyal to the classic Kellogg’s cornflake.

Nothing other than milk is required, and that’s the way you like it (other than maybe a sneaky sprinkle of sugar on a Friday). The cornflake, created in 1894 by Dr Kellogg himself, reflects your classic lifestyle.

You order a Timothy Taylor’s at the pub, and never a Peroni. You pride yourself on British heritage and enjoy a game of cricket in the summer.

Cookie Crisp


The nostalgia associated with a bowl of miniature cookies and milk is a fond memory for all of us, but you are the type who takes it a step further.

You still sneak a box of Cookie Crisp in the trolley when you’re shopping in Tesco with your mum. The fact you’re there in the first place says it all.

Protein pancakes

You’re one of the gym bunny, fitness-obsessed types, and you spend every minute of the day thinking about the potential “gains” in everything you do.

Breakfast is no exception, and protein pancakes are the perfect way to combine eggs, whey powder and banana to maximise gains before you go and pump some iron in the gym.


Porridge.  The name itself is relatively standard and unfortunately this reflects your personality. Day-in day-out you (kind of) enjoy the same combination of oats and milk.

It’s a halfhearted attempt at being healthy, but it’s likely that you drown it in honey, syrup or Nutella which really counteracts the nutritional benefit.

You wolf it down, then you probably go and sit in the library and listen to an old Keane album.



You’re the most creative type of breakfast eater, a happy-go-lucky type who enjoys the variation that toast provides without the effort and fuss associated with other enjoyable breakfasts.

Everyone loves you, and if they don’t it’s their loss – you’re the real winner here.