Some horrifying pictures of what Glastonbury currently looks like

Don’t forget to bring your bikinis, you may have to swim back to your tent

Glastonbury hasn’t even started yet and already the site is a flowing river of mud. Showers fell all across the South and Midlands on Monday morning and with around 180,000 people about to turn up, Worth Farm looks more like a swamp than a festival. It may be the official start of summer, but our England has appropriately decided to start as it meant to go on, with heavy rain and wind…joy. With heavy rain predicted here are a few tips to stay safe. Good luck kids.


Come prepared. This is one thing you do not want to forget. Also a waterproof.

  • Be smart about where you camp 

Go for higher ground and stay away from public walkways. You may need to walk a bit longer to your tent, but it’ll be worth it when your mates are having to swim to their tents and attempt to find their belongings in the river that used to be home for the next week.

  • Find a festival guide and know the campsite and lineup 

This will come in handy when it is shitting it down and your tent is no longer the only place you can go… because there is no more tent. The Cabaret and Circus fields are a great places to find shelter with constant entertainment, the dance village and Avalon Stage are also good places to hide from the rain. Also, know when the main shows are, because it’s where most people are going to be. It may be worth going the long way round to save time and effort.

  • Stay positive 

Do not lose hope. At the end of the day, if it’s gonna be wet, it’s gonna be wet. Everyone is there to have fun so enjoy yourself, meet all those amazing people and EMBRACE ENGLAND…you should be used to it by now anyway!