We spoke to Love Island’s heart-throb Dan

‘I’d definitely consider going back in there’

It takes a while to get hold of Daniel Lukakis. Since landing in London after being evicted from ITV 2’s Love Island, his feet have barely touched the ground. He’s been tied up in a string of important meetings, seen his Instagram followers rocket, and been inundated with proposals from gushing gals up and down the country.

Taking some time out, he talked to the Tab about who he thinks he will win, what really happened on his date with Zara, and how he felt about Rachel.


“You know, I didn’t actually watch the programme beforehand. I wanted to go in  with an open-mind and just see what happened.” The half Greek, half Irish model and aspiring actor tells us. Was he aware that people were known for having sex on TV? “I mean, not really,” he said, “I was pretty unaware it was all going on, to be honest.”

Whilst featuring on the reality TV show, Mr Lukakis earned himself the title of ‘manly man Dan’ and biggest gent. His gentle and chivalric attitude, coupled with his ability to swoon the ladies in Spanish earned him a plethora of admirers at home but didn’t necessarily translate into a love match on the Island.

A failed first match with Olivia led to another failed match with 20 year old Miss GB, Zara. Does he regret picking Olivia, we ask, to which he says no. “When I first arrived, I was in a bit of a pickle as to who to pick but no, I don’t regret picking Olivia. She had a huge smile on her face when I first saw her.

“I pick girls for their intelligence and their personality, not so much their looks. It was difficult when I first got in to just have to pick one. It’s not necessarily how I’d go about it.

“Cara and Nathan are actually really into one another. I think they’re going to win it. They’re both so lovely, they’re so genuine. Here’s the thing, I’ve spoken to Cara and I’ve spoken to Nathan and they both really like each other.

“In terms of strength, they are at the top. With Kady and Scott, they are falling through the cracks at the minute. The thing is, Kady is a firecracker and she doesn’t think about the consequences of her actions. So, yes, definitely, Kady and Scott are the couple I am most worried about at the moment.

“Since I’ve come back, I actually haven’t watched any of it. So, today I sat and watched some highlights. The way it’s been edited has left a lot of things out. They didn’t show a lot of what happened.”


He said of the ostrich date: “They portrayed it as if I was really coming onto Zara. After the first few days, I realised she wasn’t my kind of person but I didn’t want to be the kind of guy that jumped ship. I wanted to be loyal to her and I thought I’d try my hardest to make it work. The thing is, they tried to make out that I really like Zara and it really wasn’t true. The way they edited it meant how people perceived our relationship wasn’t accurate.

“What they didn’t actually show is that on our date Zara said she didn’t actually fancy me and I said I agreed too. They didn’t show that in the programme. They also didn’t show that I made a speech in front of everyone during the reshuffling with Rachel and Rykard. In my speech I said I’d never do that to my friends. That wasn’t included. I like to think I’d always put my friends in front of me in the real world.”

Do people play games? “Oh, there are certain people in there playing games, most definitely. Well, maybe not games but some people are being complacent. They’re used to their couple now. It’s too risky to change for them so, they won’t.

“Nathan is too real to be acting, though. He’s too genuine. I think he and Cara will win it. She’s a really sweet. Rachel was very sweet and genuine too.”


Was it all fun and games in there though? “Words can’t describe the stress and pressure you feel when you’re in there, especially when you’re not in a couple. There were times when I felt very lonely. You know, sometimes, a simple little cuddle, sometimes you just need that. I’d go up to my room alone and see the couple together and it was tough in there. Every time we did a task, it was difficult, especially with Zara. It was quite stressful and hard.

“The lowest point would probably have been realising that Zara and I had no kind of chemistry. Wait, what am I talking about? I dealt with that quite well. The lowest point was when Rykard turned around to me and said he wanted to get to know Rachel. That was tough.”


Where does he see himself going next? “Oh, plans going forward, I’m not sure. I had a big lunch meeting today with my agent. I’m not really sure how much they value reality TV but… We’re going to have to wait and see. Possibly more along the film line. I’m going to go into acting, hopefully. I’d 100 per cent consider going back into the programme if they called me though. There is so much going on in there now and I did see myself as somewhat of a mediator.

“It was definitely an experience. I like to think people saw the real me. I’m getting hundreds of messages from people saying that I was a gentleman. People are telling me to go back in there which is just lovely.”