A petition has been launched to ‘help bring Raheem home’

Someone donated £2.37: ‘one penny for every time he has made me swear at the TV over the last week’

A petition was launched today on JustGiving to bring England striker, Raheem Sterling, home from the Euros in France. 

Aaron, who set up the petition, said: “Roy won’t leave him at the hotel so it’s down to us to get him out of France.”

The petition has raised £519 of its £200 target, and has had 139 donations. Some are donating as much as £10.

The description says: “Let’s face it we’re all sick of seeing this guy mince down the wing and fail to deliver a half decent ball into the box.

We’ll bring the lad home and then we can all stop cringing everytime a gust of wind knocks him over.

Don’t worry about being generous, we’re of one mind. A penny each will cover it I imagine.

Any actual donations will be given to Dougie Mac.”

Aaron said: “The page was initially set up as a laugh – I never thought it’d actually get approved – however any funds will go to Dougie Mac”.

Clayton donated £2, and wrote: “Time to clear your locker out chap. Nothing personal of course, aside from me being a success starved England fan.”

Dan donated £2.37, saying it was “1p for every time he has made me swear at the TV over the last week.”

Joey had a slightly more sinister comment accompanying his £2 donation: “If we don’t get him, the Russians will.”

Dougie Mac is a hospice that endeavours to provide: “comprehensive care for those with progressive, advanced disease and a limited life expectancy in order that they may achieve the best quality of life.”