Liana Isadora dropped out of Cardiff and now she’s joining Love Island

She’s a professional lap dancer


Liana Isadora Van Riel dropped out from Cardiff as a fresher and is now joining Love Island. She arrives on Friday evening. 

The 20-year-old, originally from Exeter, had studied Sociology but left uni in December and now works full time at Fantasy Lounge, a strip club in Cardiff.

Liana has had multiple lip fillers, a nose job and a boob job. She told The Tab: “I decided two weeks before the operation to have my nose-job. I’m really spontaneous. My gran paid for my nose, because she knew how much I wanted it done.

“I was a B cup before and wasn’t too bothered about actually getting my boobs bigger but after I’d had my nose done it was like an addiction. Sometimes I feel dead flat chested even though I’m a D/ DD. I plan on getting them done again and going up to an F.”

Liana has previously been linked to Ex On The Beach stars Scotty T and Jordan Davies, but claims there is nothing going on now.

The surgery-enhanced blonde has shown an interest in three of the guys on Love Island, saying “I have my eye on Terry – he’s gorgeous. I’ve liked Scott from the beginning. He seems easy to get on with and is like a normal lad that you would meet on a night out. I also like Alex. I wouldn’t have any qualms about stealing the guys off their partners.”

She spoke to The Sun about how she expects to spice the Love Island up: “I have quite a fake appearance but my personality is very different to that. There’s more than meets the eye to me.

“I’m very smart. People make really snap judgements about me so I’d like to go against the stereotypes of my appearance, with both the guys and the girls. I think I’ll bring a bit of spice to the Island. I haven’t seen a girl walk in there yet who has properly shaken things up.”

Liana, who has 15k Twitter followers, spent two seasons in Magaluf previously: “My first season was when I was 18 and I was a shot girl at Crystals. I would just get drunk every night. I was so wild.”

In here second season Liana got even wilder: “I was walking to work and a promoter from the strip club approached me and said I should audition. At first I was like no way, I don’t have the balls for that. But I knew the money was so good, I went for an audition. It turned out to be a piece of piss.

“I flew out to Magaluf only 10 days after my boob job so I didn’t do much on the pole. I can go upside down but I don’t dare do it because I know I’ll back flip off it or lose a shoe – I’ve done that before.

“I lap dance because it’s so much fun. It’s completely different in Magaluf to Cardiff though.

“Because it’s such a bitchy industry it was daunting, but the girls in Cardiff especially are so lovely. If anything the girls really help you and give you tips, or you can do dances together which is good when you are new.”

“Customers are usually 25-35 year old guys and stag groups you can rake the money in. A lot of the time you can see men’s wedding rings which is weird. Some creepy men have said to me ‘I can take you away from all of this’ and I’m like ‘what are you taking me away from? A job I enjoy and all this money?’

“Most men say they feel sorry for us, but they assume we have no life outside of work. Including no qualifications or degrees. One of the girls in Fantasy Lounge is an engineer.”

What does her family think of her job?

“I don’t really care about anyone knowing, my family all know. My sister wasn’t happy when she found out but she knows it’s really good money.”

“It reckon it’s better than most jobs, I have such an extensive underwear set now but my sleeping pattern is horrible.”

She loves going out in Cardiff, with her favourite night out being Sync at Revs on Tuesdays. She said “everyone gets more dressed up, I would never go out without heels on even though they make me 6ft. But I wouldn’t be seen dead in kitten heels.”

What if she finds love on the Island?

“If I had a boyfriend I would hate it if he went to strip club and had a dance from someone else, but then I wouldn’t stop, he would have to put up with it. The money is too good.

“The biggest rule is no relations to customers outside of work. You can’t give them your number, your real name. You’re not allowed to meet them after work. As soon as they are in the club, they are regarded a customer. If your friends come in you’re not meant to give them a dance.

“It’s basically like being self-employed. In Magaluf, the aim is to do as little dances as possible, whereas in Cardiff you have to do a lot.”