All the ice creams you need to try in Swansea before you die

Don’t worry, we’ve got your summer sorted


The Sun’s shining, it hasn’t rained in four days and for some reason it’s even hit 26 degrees in Wales.

We all know the beach is on your mind, which in Swansea leaves you with a dilemma: where to go for ice cream?

Verdi’s chocolate sundae at Swansea Bay


Family-owned restaurant Verdi’s is situated by Mumbles Pier outside of the city of Swansea, advertising authentic Italian food combined with stunning scenery.

Furthermore,  they roll out 30 flavours of ice cream available daily, even kiwi sundaes – literally the embodiment of “something for everyone”.

Verdi’s is renowned for its creamy, traditional and organic taste, melting in your mouth and not disappointingly in your cone on the way to the water. With picturesque views right on the seafront, it’s a must-visit.


Joe’s Ice Cream first started in Brynmill on St Helens road in 1898, which has in recent years developed into a large thriving student area.

What has followed is the brand’s expansion to cafes in Mumbles, Llansamlet and Cardiff, boasting the company slogan “everything else is just ice cream”.

If you’re looking for something different and more than scoops in a bowl, Joe’s provides lists of fruit you can mix and match to any sundaes as well as ice cream cakes and “North Poles”, sandwiched ice cream between wafers with enough choices of multicoloured toppings to keep your E-numbers high.

Furthermore, with exams having just finished, being able to cry about your Utilitarianism exam while watching Game of Thrones and having enough ice cream to sustain you during is a real issue.

Here Joe’s come into its own, allowing you to purchase a 2L tub of ice cream for £8.55 to keep you going until graduation or your summer resits. Sorted.


If you’re out shopping or passing through the centre and need some refreshment for that 60 second walk to the beach, the world’s largest ice cream chain will sort you out.

Located just outside the Quadrant Gate, Baskin-Robbins have stocked up on their seasonal flavours, offering everything from Lemon Mascarpone Cheesecake to Bubblegum Candyland, as well as cakes and waffles.

Their milkshakes and smoothies are also to die for, the Strawberry Citrus being a personal favourite.


So, it’s been a long hard day drinking Coronas on the waterfront and you still want your sugar fix, but where to go so late? Kaspa’s dessert house on Castle Street is open until 11pm, offering sundaes, crepes and puddings to name just a selection.

It’s the perfect store to finish the day before Wind Street. Pudding to look out for? The Oreo Cookiebase is the one to try.

So there you have it: wherever you go and whatever the occasion, Swansea has your ice cream cravings well and truly covered.