The drunk food you really need is Peterborough’s naan bread kebabs

The drunk food to end all drunk foods


Kebabs are the epitome of the perfect drunk food, given that they only seem to hold their undeniable appeal when hungry, inebriated, or both.

Imagine the classic pitta kebab, and you’re probably imagining sadness and disappointment. So for drunk kebab lovers seeking something a little different, Peterborough is the place to be.

Whilst our Peterborian informants confirm that Chill Grill, Hot ‘n’ Spice, and Ali’s Kebab House all constitute perfectly acceptable choices, especially given that they’re located right outside the main clubs, there’s way better drunk food to be found.

For those willing to venture further afield, the crowning jewel in Peterborough’s drunk food repertoire is undoubtedly the naan bread kebab. Even the staunchest anti-kebab advocates will have their head turned by this drunk delight, as the naan bread tags in for the pitta, providing the perfect carb hit to soak up the alcohol in your system.

It has unknown origins

While the origins of the naan bread kebabs remain murky – one in-the-know informant claims they’re available in Lincoln, Newark, Exeter, Wolverhampton and Oxford – I maintain that the originals and the best are from Peterborough. This is surely only confirmed by the fact that any reputable Peterborian kebab establishment will automatically assume that a kebab order implies the inclusion of a doughy naan bread as standard. In fact, Tom Davies, 22, realised this all too late when he started at Cardiff University and discovered that Peterborough had clearly superior kebabs. He claims that the “kebab experience in Cardiff has tasted of disappointment” and he’s had to “make the switch to fried chicken”.

It’s the perfect drunk snack

The naan bread kebab is undoubtedly the best drunk food, as Callum Shea, 21, recognises in his in-depth analysis which details the benefits of the naan bread kebab over the inferior pitta versions: “Pittas always encase the entire kebab, if not for the entire meal, at least for the initial bite, whereas the naan sometimes constitutes no more than an edible plate. However, I will attest that the thicker naan will help inebriated individuals. Plus, they’re really tasty.”

Zac Hayes, 22, backs up this solid argument which claims a naan will always be superior to a pitta kebab, saying that “naan is robust and dependable” and offers a “substantial” portion size in comparison to its pitta predecessor.

Loving life in Curry Land

Curry Land kebab shop is the place to be

Curry Land crops up time and again as the place to go for Peterborough’s finest drunk food, with Tom Davies describing this unassuming locale as “off the beaten track but well worth the journey”. He also wishes to highlight the “palpable irony” that Curry Land specialises principally in that most Peterborian of drunk food – the naan bread kebab – rather than the eponymous curry. For the same price as a pitta kebab, which Peterborough native Nathan Stephenson, both 22, claims “are like donner meat with a side of pitta”, you can upgrade to the naan bread version, which are “the best. Stodgy and horrible in the nicest way possible”.

Tom highly recommends the Curry Land special mixed kebab, which he believes comes with at the very least chicken tikka, shish kebab and donner meat, although he can’t be certain as he’s never ordered one sober. However, on more than one occasion he’s gone “off menu” and ordered an onion bhaji kebab. “I got a reputation as the onion bhaji kebab orderer”, he says wistfully. Nathan Stephenson and Sam Mitchell, 22, on the other hand, both recommend sticking with the classic garlic naan and chicken tikka combination.