Vote for this year’s best dressed

Remember when we wore coats?

We’ve rounded up the best of campus styles in the country this year, vote for your favourite below:

Alice, Liverpool

XiaoXhi, Liverpool


Rebecca, Liverpool

Maggie, liverpool

George, Liverpool

Alice, Strathclyde

Rose, Strathclyde

Ellie, Manchester

Hannah, Liverpool

Beni, Manchester

Hannah, Manchester

Rebecca, Manchester

Jake, Manchester

Johanna and Emily from Manchester

Zoe, Nottingham

Edward, Sheffield

Reem, Warwick

Oli, Warwick

Alice, Warwick



Bella, Newcastle

Harriet, Newcastle

Lucie, Glasgow

Eve and Megan, Sheffield

Jamie, Liverpool

Ellie, Nottingham

Candace, Edinburgh

Katie, Liverpool

Lexi, Liverpool

Iona and Claudia, Bristol

Helena, Loughborough

Meg, Newcastle