Screw London, I’m moving to Oxford

Rent might be high, but it’s more than worth it

Oxford is a city for everyone, with a unique combination of the quaint old England with dreaming spires and a multicultural new England with an eclectic mix of restaurants and shops combining tastes from all over the world.

And that makes it the perfect place to live and work.

Rent may be high but it’s worth it

Living in Oxford can be almost as expensive and sometimes more so than living in London, but in Oxford it’s worth it.

You’re surrounded by some of the best architecture in the country and even though the houses are expensive they are also pretty damn beautiful. And they are so close to the city centre too, which means that in just under 10 minutes you can have access to anything you need.

Oxford is a developing city too, with so much planned for the next few years parts of the city are going to be unrecognisable. With new housing complexes the rent probably won’t change, unlike in London, where house prices are just going to keep going up.

It’s home to world famous pubs

Every Lord of the Rings fan has heard of the Eagle and Child, the pub where JRR Tolkien famously wrote the series. MiC once visited Big Society. Every tourist in Oxford is always looking for the Turf Tavern (it’s near the Bridge of Sighs).

But it’s not just the famous pubs that everyone loves. The Cowley Retreat is the perfect place for an after work drink especially when you still need to feel like a student for that little bit longer.  Whilst Oxford might not have the greatest nightclubs in the world, it more than makes up for it in pubs and cocktail bars. The Red Baron at Raouls is chocolate, raspberries and alcohol. Do you need anything more?

We have some amazing places to eat

Now you have some money to spare Oxford is the place to eat. Oli’s Thai just off the Cowley Road has rave reviews and is always fully booked. La Kesh brings a Moroccan and Lebanese fusion, and G&D’s is Oxford’s answer to Ben&Jerry’s.

There are so many different unique pubs and restaurants that it’s impossible to name them all but each one is hiding delicious food behind it’s doors and nobody will ever go hungry. We also have Bitten Street, once a month some of the best chefs in Oxford and beyond showcase their street food in an amazing market. You just won’t find this kind of tasty anywhere else.

It may be small but…

Oxford is a small city but that doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing. Living in a small city is great because everything is only 10 minutes away, including all of your friends.

And being so small means it’s super friendly too, even being voted the seventh kindest city in the UK. Everyone knows everyone so you’ll always feel at home here. None of the lonely feelings that you find living in a massive city.

We even have festivals

Common People came to Oxford for the first time this year and plans to be coming back. With a festival on your doorstop, what better way is there to start the summer? And there’s nearly always something going on, Cowley Road Carnival brings people back again and again for a day of music, fun and drinking.

Followed by St Giles fair too. You’ll never be bored living in Oxford. We even have a food festival too.

Oxford really just is the best city to live, there is something for everyone, and everyone is always friendly. Why move to London when you graduate when you can just live in Oxford and have more fun. And if you really want that City job, it’s less than an hour to get to London by train and the bus runs 24 hours a day.