Creative Arts students work harder than lawyers according to new study

Proof that lawyers are the real layabouts

Creative arts students work more hours a week than future lawyers, according to a new study by the Higher Education Policy Institute. 

Lawyers work for a total of 29 hours a week, while busy-bee creative arts students work for 34 hours a week. The average student works for 33 hours a week, with 12 hours of contact time and 15 hours of independent study.

European linguists, history student and business studies students are among the laziest of all students, failing to clock up even 30 hours of study. The laziest students of all were those doing media or mass communication degrees, who barely scratch 25 hours a week of work.

Unsurprisingly, medics and teachers work the most, with medics working at least 46 hours a week, and teachers clocking up a hefty 42 hours. Medicine-related degrees and architecture students were up there as well, both hitting 40 hours a week.

Engineers will be glad to find out that they work just as hard as mathematics students, and the physical science students who lord it over them only work one more hour a week on average.

History, Classics, Creative Arts, and Architecture all work the hardest away from the lecture theatre, with all of them racking up close to 20 hours a week of independent study. Compare that to Business and Media students, who scrape just 13 hours each week.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, medicine and veterinary science have the highest number of contact hours a week, with 18 or 19 each week. Social studies, history and classics are by far the lowest at just eight or nine hours a week.