Wildlife Festival was like visiting a cheap fancy dress shop

And it was fantastic

Last year, dance acts Disclosure and Rudimental launched Sussex’s biggest festival: Wildlife. This weekend it returned, bringing fun and colour back to Brighton City Airport.

Funfair attractions, colourful flags, exciting street food and hundreds of fancy dress wearing lunatics gave off the vibe of a festival that didn’t take itself too seriously.

However, despite the crowds (and inevitable pockets of “Will Griggs’ on fire”-chanting, bucket-hat-wearing fuckboys) the festival maintained an incredibly chilled vibe.

David Rodigan, in a delightful trilby and flowery shirt, channelling Chris Evan’s misplaced enthusiasm

Man’s never been at Wildlife Festival when it’s been shutdown, trust me daddy

When Skepta is playing at 6 but you gotta see Twisted Sister at 8