Tyson Fury was seen raving at Gottwood this weekend

He will defend his heavyweight world title against Klitschko in a few weeks

The Tab can exclusively reveal that this weekend heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson Fury, was partying at house and techno festival Gottwood in Wales.

Harry, a Mechanical Engineering Exeter grad, posted in The New Music Group saying: “Tyson Fury is at Gottwood. Please approach with caution”. The post amassed 364 likes and more than 50 comments.

Harry told The Tab: “I saw him between about 11 and 2 on Thursday night at the Walled Garden. I always had him down as more of an EDM guy to be honest but fairs to the lad. After a bit he emerged from behind me and came out into the crowd with his hands in the air”.

A member of the group commented on the post: “The idea of Tyson Fury going round with a little boogie in his step saying ‘it’s a disgrace to call me an athlete’ is amazing”.

A handful of people have tweeted confirming it was indeed Fury at the festival:

Another commented: “Who cares? He will beat the shit out of Klitschko fam”.

In a few weeks Fury will defend his World Heavyweight title against Wladimir Klitschko in Manchester, on Saturday 9th July 2016. Fury has admitted in the past to getting drunk every day and living a party lifestyle.

Fury attended a training camp in Holland last week. Just a few days ago in an interview with Box Nation he discussed his fitness regime, saying: “I’ve been killing it in the gym.”

He added: “I’m not hectic training on the weekends, just once a day but for long periods of time.”

He says he is doing “a lot of hard work” in preparation for the Klitschko fight and has been eating nothing but “fish and salad, fish and salad”.

Yesterday, whilst Gottwood was still in full swing, Klitschko shared a picture of himself on Instagram in a -150°C Cryosauna, equipped with a mask and gloves. He asked: “You think you really know what cold is?”, and said the Cryosauna is: “one of the best recoveries for your body & mind”.

He finished with “#NowMoreThanEver” and is said to be training hard after his defeat at the hands of Fury in their last contest.