Oxford Christian preachers say Orlando victims were ‘judged by God’

But LGBT counter protestors burst into song and shut them down

Christian street preachers said that the victims of the Orlando gay club massacre were “judged by God” in their street-preaching in Oxford, before they were shut down by counter-protestors.

According to witness Brian Wong, the fundamentalists blamed the victims of the Orlando massacre for leaving God, calling them “sinners”  while preaching on Cornmarket Street in Oxford this afternoon.

They said that the Orlando massacre was God’s judgement on gays who defy God’s perfect image, as well condemning people to hell, saying: “Jesus knows Hell is a fiery, raging place for sinners who have done wrong.”

The counter-protest

The counter-protest (Photo: Brian Wong)

The homophobic preachers used speakers to project abuse, telling passer-bys that they were going to hell. They said: “God made you all perfect and He loves all of you… But those of you who leave God will be punished by his grace.”

According to Mr Wong, they aggressively shut people down who disagreed with them, until counter-protestors came along to disrupt them.

In a video posted to Facebook, LGBT protesters launched into a rendition of Wonderwall as the preachers ranted on.

According to Hannah Cronin: “A group of counter-protestors showed up and started playing music and dancing with the LGBT flag, it was really great.”


(Photo: Hannah Cronin)

The preachers also had signs saying that ‘Atheism is a temporary condition’ as well as biblical passages concerning and condemning divorce.