Clubbers of the week: End of year special

All good things come to an end

The end of the year is here, and so our favourite clubbers face the final curtain.

Our final clubbers of the week this year goes out to the ones who did it their way.

Brows of the year

Imagine waking up with him standing over your bed

Retro DJ of the year

This work just like vinyl ja?

Best local barbers’ night out

Only £10 for a scissor cut mate

Therapy session of the year

And how does that make you feel?

It makes me feel underappreciated

Sleepiest clubber of the year
Poly students of the year

‘Cos they get so many Bs, right?

Strongest new signing

He’s got a direct style of play that will fit in well at this club

Loneliest clubber

But I bought them all hats?

Least comfortable clubber of the year

That’s not how you fold your arms bud

Hero of the year

You and me both mate

Lest we forget: Edwin

He was the best of us

Best ‘I won my accumulator’ face

Get in! Now I can afford Barca with the lads

Best original drama

Edge of the seat stuff

Best clubber of all time

I mean, there’s never going to be a better one than this