People tell us how they found themselves last summer

‘I thought I was Beyoncé’


It’s summer. It’s the perfect time to treat your addiction to Netflix and make an unforgettable memory at an event. Go out there and seize the day, guys.

Rush, Manchester

Outlook was an incredible time in my life. This was mainly due to the amazing people that I had the wonderful opportunity to meet. To this day I have strong relationships with them. In my eyes, it defeats the concept of everyone’s view that a festival is an excuse to get excessively drunk and get waved. Outlook was more, as the vast majority of people are like minded and are there strictly to enjoy the music and people.

Cole, Nottingham

My first experience of Notting Hill Carnival was one I will never forget. I think the thing that really made it special was the community vibe. Everybody from all walks of life from across London joining to party in the biggest street party of the year. Being of Jamaican descent it also enhanced my understanding of Caribbean culture and that made it a bit extra special. Amazing music, food and people – Notting Hill Carnival made two of the best days of my life.

James, South London

James, South London

I’ve seen some very bizarre things at festivals that really make you stop and think “What the actual fuck?” At Boomtown last year, as it’s an insanely huge festival, I lost my friends and was stumbling alone for hours, I was ready to give up trying to find them when a guy walking a plastic dinosaur on a leash walked past me. Absolutely baffled and in hysterics I thought I’d tag along with him and his dinosaur until I found my friends.

Camille, East London

After graduating from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Performance Design I enjoyed my summer by going to Boomtown and Outlook the previous year. The people and music enhanced my experience, however the setup of the festivals and the aesthetics really spoke to me as an art student. Due to the different types of people I met at the festival and the amazingly vivid aesthetics I was inspired to start my own business. I now make and sell my own festival headpieces.

Padraig, Belfast

A life changing experience would be Oxegen 2011 watching Coldplay sing Fix You, there was something magical about 100,000 people singing Fix You in unison. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it.

Isabel, South London

I did a balloon and thought I was Beyonce, I’m sure I’ve been a much sassier woman ever since.

Roland, Brentwood

I bought a fake ticket for SW4 and attempted to bribe the bouncer on the door, I was ready to call it a day and go home when I didn’t get in. However after walking the entire circumference of the festival to find an opening, I spotted a group of young shady looking individuals who informed me they were going to burn off the plastic that keeps the fence that guards the festival together and jump over it. After getting over the fence, I dangled my legs over the other side and dropped down into the festival area, immediately being chased by several security guards and police.

Fortunately I managed to run into a huge festival tent and loose the guards in the crowd. Later on I found my friend who waited for all the police to chase me before sliding down a pole and into the festival without a parade of security on his tail. I went to the festival with honest intentions, I promise.