We tried the ridiculous breakfasts at the Pancake and Waffle Shack

Who says Pancake Day only comes once a year?


If you’ve ever made the long drive along the A11, you may have noticed a small striped building sitting by the side of the road.

While the building itself may be small, what lies within is pretty huge.


The Pancake and Waffle Shack specialises in, you guessed it, pancakes and waffles. Whether you like yours delicately dusted in sugar or completely covered in chocolate, there’s bound to be something suited to your tastes.

The expansive range of topping combinations include: cookies and cream, PB+J, banana and Nutella, strawberry and blueberry, apple and cinnamon, and something they call the “Guilty Pleasure” – you know from the name that this one is going to require a loosening of the belt.

This indulgent option comes topped with Maltesers, Oreos and Flake – it’s not for the faint-stomached. On top of the topping of your choice, each portion comes lathered with sauce and ice cream.

If it has fruit on it, it’s healthy

If, for some bizarre reason, you aren’t particularly fond of the sweeter things in life, you’re probably thinking that this place isn’t for you – but you’d be wrong. The Pancake and Waffle Shack has a savoury menu that can satisfy even the bitterest of taste buds.

If you’re feeling sophisticated, you could go for a caramelised red onion and goats cheese dish, or if you strongly embrace your classlessness, you can go for the classic full English, complete with bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and hash browns – for less than £5.

They also make some pretty sweet milkshakes too

Let’s say you’re still not sold. “That’s all well and good but I don’t like pancakes or waffles in general, regardless of topping” you say. To this I reply:  why not get a burger?

They serve a whole range of them, including a vegetarian option, as well as pizzas, nachos, wings and even salads. All dishes are made fresh to order, and at your request they can make gluten-free pancakes.

With a menu like this, you’re bound to leave satisfied. You might have to go for a run afterwards though.