The benefits of being part of a girl squad

Three heads are better than one

The idea of being part of a squad has been thrust to the forefront of popular culture in the past year, with celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid championing strong female friendships. People think of it as a kind of ironic term for a close friend group, but in reality, it signifies a bond that stretches far beyond that of the one you have with ‘part-time’ friends.

There are so many reasons why squads are great, not least the plethora of advantages that come with being a squad member.

They help you draft that text to your awkward ex

When he just won’t leave you alone, sometimes you need some help saying just the right thing to get him to quit it. That’s where your squad comes in. They hate all your exes, even more than you do, and anyway, three heads have to be better than one, right? 

 The group WhatsApp chat is always on point

While it’s true that you might not always see each other every day, the WhatsApp chat you made way back when always helps you keep in touch. You’re a sucker for regular picture updates of their dogs and you can pretty much guarantee they will always want to hear about what Jenny said to Mark at work this week. 

You have like ten wardrobes

When you’re part of a squad, the phrase ‘what’s mine is yours’ takes on a whole new meaning. You share everything, and don’t have any problem with it. Nobody is ever quite sure who bought that dress back in 2013, but it’s been passed around you three for years now. 

You can get a brutally honest advice

They won’t hold back from telling you if they think you’re about to make a mistake, and they’ll be there for you even if you go and do it anyway.

Getting ready for a night out is often more fun than the night out itself

There’s always that one friend in the squad who can do makeup better than anyone else, and so somehow agrees to do everyone’s makeup every time the three of you go anywhere. As it turns out, any outing that doesn’t involve just the three of you is often eclipsed by the ‘getting ready’ stage. I mean, dancing is fun, but nothing compares to sitting on your bedroom floor, laughing at your best friends because they’ve both got their dresses on backwards or something.

You don’t have any secrets (and things are easier that way)

Keeping secrets from your squad is basically impossible. You know your friends completely. All the good bits and all the bad bits – sexual histories included –  and you love them anyway (and that’s the best part). You know you can always trust them to not tell anyone what happened in Malia last year, just like they trust you not to tell anyone what they said about Cheryl at that party. 

 You’ve got guaranteed likes on your new profile picture

Whether it’s a status complaining about the weather, or a really cute selfie, your squad will always be first to react to it and will probably share it and include their own caption about how great you are.

There’s always someone there to listen to you whinge about past mistakes

Even when they’ve heard it a million times previously, your squad will always listen to you moan about that job you could’ve taken when you were 17, or that guy you should have got with on the train two years back. That’s what friends are for.

They’ll  tell you when an outfit looks bad on you

They’ve got your back and wouldn’t let you leave the house looking like you just rolled out of bed – unless you were all going out like that, then it’s okay.

Someone is permanently up for pizza

You just look into their eyes and know that it’s time to order a Domino’s. That, or you’re there to stop them from doing it when their bank balance says otherwise.

Ultimately, you never have to face anything alone

When it comes down to it, your squad will always be there when you need them. Whether they’ve dumped you (for the third time), or your cat just died, or your favourite fictional couple just broke up, they will always be there for a cup of tea and cuddles.