QUIZ: Which Horton Halls block do you belong in?

Nobody really wants to be in Furzedown

G Block? That’s a thing?

As a first-year, it sure is great to be living in halls – that newfound freedom away from your family and home. No more homemade meals, no one to do your washing, relying only on yourself… But really, halls is pretty sweet.

Horton Halls is the only halls of residence belonging to St George’s, home to medics, biomeds, nurses, midwives, paramedics and GEPs mainly. This way, literally everyone will get to know each other or at least know of. There are 332 standard rooms and 154 premium rooms, divided into the standard blocks (A-E) and the slightly newly renovated premium blocks (F-I).

The highlights of this year have to be the countless fire alarms, power/water outages and the disgustingly sweaty common room and flat parties – you’ll be surprised at how many people can fit into such a small kitchen!

Take the quiz below and find out what block you would or should have been in: