Birmingham was the greatest place to grow up in England (and probably the world)

And not just because we’ve got the best balti

Born and bred here, I’ll always be proud of Birmingham, even when trying to convince people I’m not thick because of my accent. Despite now being popularised by Cillian Murphy’s chilsed face, we Brummies are proud of our industrial heritage. We’ll defend our city as being the best, so don’t compare us to London. Also, the Custard Factory does not make custard.

Cadbury World is originally a Birmingham creation

Nope, forget Kraft, it’s ours and always will be. Going to Cadbury world back in the day was a wonderland. You’d be given a bag of chocolate at the entrance to start with and be further treated to their range of treats as you explored further in. Needless to say, it was my childhood paradise.

We can boast about having one of the best universities in the country

Despite growing up in Birmingham, I didn’t want to leave to go anywhere else to study. Ranked 15th in the country, yeah we can say we’re pretty great. Our campus makes you feel like you’re walking into decades worth of architectural variety. Yes we agree, Muirhead is ugly and has anyone actually stopped to look at the walls of Staff House? Don’t. At least we can boast about our huge clock.

You can always fall into a bar when needed

Choosing what you want to drink is easy, where, is another issue entirely. Birmingham has a range of cocktail bars, pubs and restaurants that can cater to your tippled needs. The Jekyll and Hyde for an Alice in Wonderland experience, All Bar One for a sumptuous treat or The Shakespeare for a casual pint with the lads. Tip: just be careful which local you do stagger into. We can get rowdy, apologies.

We’re being landscaped

Birmingham is always changing. It’s evolving and developing into a modern metropolis. Victoria Square has become a beautiful area bustling with an array of people. Enjoy the talented buskers, bathing your earlobes in a warm soapy bath of smooth jazz. Cultured and classy.

Grand Central really is pretty grand 

Recently finished this year, our station has the ability to reflect the sun in your face as you go to catch your train. Yes it looks like a sheet of tin foil, but not many cities can say that. It’s full of restaurants and shops to pass your time if you’re waiting for a while. Joe and the juice is a must, it’ll convince you you’ve started some kind of health kick. It’s next to the gelato stall and not far from the open champagne bar.

We have a bronzed bull in a ‘bullring’

Ok so it’s not specifically a ring, but it does have a bull! It stands majestic in front of Hollister and is the reason for our shopping centre’s name, ‘the bullring.’ It’s an important tourist attraction that everyone feels the need to stand in front of for a photo… and occasionally lie under. The bull is often dressed up for special occasions during the year. How cute.

We’ve got some nice parks to wander around in

Despite being a large city, we’re still pretty green. Cannon Hill Park is our favourite park in the city, and you can see why. Tip: go when it’s not raining, it’s lush. The MAC Birmingham, with its outside viewing theatre is also based in the park, alongside one of the largest mini golf experiences in the country. So, walk, mad golf skills training and an education in the arts – plenty to be done.

Even though I’ll probably need a change of scenery after university, I’ll always treasure and return to Birmingham, and not just because it has the best balti.

But I’ll admit the accent isn’t the best, alroight.