Waitrose have made a ‘student essentials’ list, and I can confirm none of them are essential

It will cost you £13 and I’m not even sure any of it is actually edible

How soon into uni will you break up with your school sweetheart? A realistic quiz

Pls say never, jk next week x

It’s finally over: Laura Anderson and Paul Knops have SPLIT UP

Is it because Paul found himself at Burning Man?

‘From Hackney to Oxford’: Soton dropout crowdfunds £30k so he can take up place at Oxford Uni

Roy Celaire has raised over £27k after getting a place at Oxford

Transgender lecturer starts Facebook group blacklisting ‘transphobic’ professors

The lecturers listed do not agree that biological men can become women

Get out of my swamp and find out which Shrek character is your uni

Pray your university didn’t get Lord Farquaard

A definitive ranking of which sports brand is the most try hard

If you wear Fila and didn’t go to Manchester I simply don’t believe you

Lizard Lounge is returning to Bristol in time for Freshers’ Week

Long live Lounge

‘My university likes to brush racism under the carpet’ – Why Edinburgh’s complaints process is preventing students from speaking out

Haddy Jeng didn’t hear back for months after experiencing group chat racism

Billionaire fresher at St Andrews hires 12 staff to look after her at uni

The roles include a maid, butler, chauffeur and a private chef

Sheffield Uni and SU help launch a new suicide prevention campaign

They are the first organisations to do so

We caught up with Love Island’s Samira to talk Freshers’ advice, how to dress #cutesie and why she fancies Shrek

I just go in a room and I’m like ‘HEEEEY’

‘Pineapple Boobs’: Hopefully the final Instagram trend you’ll see this year

When will it end

Introducing ‘The Pushback’, the latest Instagram trend giving you all the curves you ever wanted

Seriously this pose is life changing

Parties, living together and a break up: Everything we know about Kate and Will’s relationship at St Andrews

A detailed investigation

There is a petition to help an asylum seeker attend Coventry University

It’s been signed by over 160,000 people

A Warwick fresher is offering £700 to anyone who lets her live in Bluebell

‘Swapping to Bluebell is important to me’

I wore Kanye West’s super small slides for a day, and this is what happened

It’s called fashion guys

Great British Bake Off 2016: Where are they now?

Candice can’t stop kissing!!!