Please stop asking your followers for feedback on Instagram, no one cares!!!

How do these average people think they have such a fan base

Meet Love Island’s Idris Virgo: The pro boxer ready to fight for Kaz’s love

He definitely has the coolest name ever

Love Island 2018

Love Island Gossip Column: Which boy has been secretly getting fillers? And Adam fails lie detector test

Another day, another drama

Love Island Gossip

To ease your post-festival blues, here are the best dressed babes from sunny Farr Festival this weekend

Although it was so hot people didn’t have that many clothes on

I’m sorry but Georgia isn’t the innocent, loyal friend she makes herself out to be

Are we all watching the same show here??

Love Island 2018

Meet Megan Ramsay: Brookes Psychology second year and daughter of Gordon Ramsay

Wonder if she calls anyone an idiot sandwich

I’m definitely coming home for these pics of England’s Ruben Loftus-Cheek

His face has been carved by the GODS

We found the England football team’s old social media profiles and it’s honestly so entertaining

Why are they all dressing up as Ali G? Why?

Love Island Gossip Column: Adam’s cringe Insta post about Zara and Margot Robbie talks about Megan

The very petty drama continues

Love Island Gossip

This is ‘Barbie feet’, the new trend all over Instagram this summer

It makes your legs look long af

Love Island narrator says he will send video of Georgia kissing Jack to villa


Love Island 2018

Quiz: How loyal are you, babe?

Are you a Laura or a Georgia?

Love Island 2018

The actual history behind ‘it’s coming home’ and what it means


If the Love Island boys went on a night out, this is what would happen

Jack’s definitely necking a Stella, Alex is shamefully sipping a strawberry daiquiri

Love Island 2018

Love Island Gossip Column: Megan told BOYFRIEND she’d stay faithful on the show and Alex’s Tinder game revealed

The best thing you’ll read today or your money back

Love Island Gossip

We found all the films Dani Dyer has appeared in and they are WILD

Cor blimey get a load of these flicks

Love Island 2018

Porter at Leicester Uni prevents suicide after finding student’s suicide note

The note was found in halls

Okay, there’s a THIRD picture of pre-surgery Megan and I’m still not over it!!!

Who’s her surgeon please? Asking for a friend

Love Island 2018