There’s currently an anti-occupation protest happening outside the Arts Tower

Architecture students are not happy

‘We stay until the uni meets our demands’: We spoke to the Arts Tower occupiers

62 per cent of Sheffield students think the occupation is unjustified

Confirmed: Summer exams WILL be disrupted by the strikes

The union is compiling a spreadsheet with the specific dates of exams

King’s students have occupied their VC’s office in support of striking lecturers

Their demands are clear and they’re livestreaming on Facebook

Specialist cleaners have been called in, as graffiti could permanently stain the pillars in Cardiff’s Main Building

The cost of cleaning the stone graffitied as part of the fossil fuel protest could allegedly be in the region of £10,000

Third year Architecture deadlines pushed back due to occupation of the Arts Tower

Laptops, models and resources are stuck on Floor 18 of the Arts Tower

We need to admit that the occupation of the Arts Tower is a step too far

It’s just a point scoring operation

Over 300 violent and sexual crimes were committed in Selly Oak in 2017

Attacks even occurred in Aldi car park

The Cardiff Uni Mens Rugby Team have donated over 50 pints of blood to the Welsh blood service

They’re hoping to encourage other teams and societies to do the same

Durham University Council votes to leave newest college unnamed in case of ‘a substantial donor’

Only one member voted against

Updates: These are the unis to reject the proposed deal to end strikes

The deal was proposed on Monday and was immediately rejected by several unis across the country

E4 please do us all a favour and take Made in Chelsea off our screens

Having to sit through 60 minutes of this is torturous

Bye Wellness Witch! Deliciously Ella is forced to close restaurants after her business loses £724,000

Maybe people are finally realising ‘clean-eating’ is not an actual thing

A female student was assaulted by a medic rugby player on a sports social

He poured a drink on her head and punched her in the face

Quiz: There are thirteen types of posh people, which one are you?

It’s of national importance that you take this quiz

A graduate is suing her university for £60,000 for giving her a ‘mickey mouse degree’

She has accused them of fraud in their university prospectuses

Meet the Manchester third year who is writing her dissertation on the One Direction fandom

Will the Larry Stylinson debate be solved once and for all?

Student took his own life after his rugby team shared comments about his sex life online

He became worried the comments would ruin his medical career

‘His views will not be tolerated on campus’: Here’s what went down at the Anti Jacob Rees-Mogg protest

UoB students exercised their right to freedom of speech as Rees-Mogg visits the university