Many of our readers hadn’t voted before. Then they wiped out Theresa May’s majority

The editor who coordinated The Tab’s election coverage looks back

General Election 2017

Hugh Grant came to New College and downed alcohol from a shoe with the rugby players

He also drank from two bottles at once

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Unelectable, deluded, and facing ‘electoral annihilation’: What they said about Jeremy Corbyn

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General Election 2017

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Young people haven’t just changed this election, we’ve changed politics

Can you hear the sound of old people quaking in their boots

General Election 2017, Life

Young people didn’t vote in the General Election for ‘free beer and other gimmicks’

The confused and cynical old critics are the ones who need to grow up

Historic youth turnout sinks Theresa May

The 2017 General Election gave young people the opportunity to change politics – they did

General Election 2017

Exit poll results are in: Theresa May predicted to lose Conservative majority

Conservatives are set to lose control of the House of Commons

General Election 2017

‘We shouldn’t have had to tell this story’: An interview with Three Girls star Molly Windsor

‘It’s hard to even comprehend what actually happened’

There’s a website that will tell you how MPs have voted in the past


Young people can win today’s election, but only if you get out there and vote

Don’t pass up on the chance to make history

The shy Tory effect: How being young and admitting you vote Conservative became social suicide

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A place united in love to overcome evil

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Manchester had ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, London had Sadiq Khan

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BREAKING: King’s Parade evacuated due to suspected bomb

The incident in Cambridge follows a series of potential terror threats throughout the country

How to get abs without giving up booze, by Instagram sensation Joe Wicks

We spoke to The Body Coach about clean eating, HIIT and how he gets his hair so shiny

We spoke to students caught up in the London Bridge attack

‘We heard more screaming, and a man shouted to “get down”’