The New Zealand rugby team were in the Edi uni gym this morning

They’re going to be around town for a few days

‘She’s a big black ape’: Boys insult BU fresher in racist group chat

They also called her a ‘cotton picking fuck’

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Liverpool students have started a campaign to rename halls because of links to slavery sympathiser

There are calls for the name of Liverpool-born ex-PM William Gladstone to be removed

A fresher has set up a Go Fund Me so he can get back on the sesh

He currently has 17p in his bank account

UEA Men’s Rugby team banned from socials unless ‘supervised’

They’re being investigated for a ‘series of incidents’

Leading journalist refuses to speak at Bristol Uni over SU safe spaces policy

‘It’s impossible for me to approve of a vetting and censorship process’

How to get into Berghain, by someone who’s actually been

Everything you heard is true

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BREAKING: Cambridge slang confirmed to be entirely nonsensical through serious #marketresearch

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Crisis asked their followers to rate a girl ‘Hot or Not’ on Instagram

They also filmed the same student with the caption ‘free lapdances’

Students’ Union Vice-President banned from all uni bars after leading 350 Jäegerbomb train

He has been banned indefinitely for rowdy drunken behaviour

We asked students from the USA for their stereotypes of what British students are actually like

‘Drinking tea and eating crumpets without a care in the world’

Girls share the sexist BS they’ve put up with whilst working behind a bar

One girl was told by a customer she should stay down on her knees where she belonged

We’ve ranked UK cities in order of how much they love chicken nugs, because someone had to

You may need dipping sauce for this

There is a petition for the Liverpool Guild to sell white poppies rather than ‘inappropriate’ red poppies

It suggests the Guild should not make a political commentary on war

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We’re getting married in eight months

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