There will be a candlelit vigil to remember Olivia Burt

It will be held on Monday 12th February

Thousands of Liverpool students sign petition calling for tuition fee compensation

It calls for a refund of £1079.16 per student

Aberdeen students are trying to elect a cat as rector because the whole election is such a farce

Not the hero we deserve, but the hero that we need

Love Island 2016: Where are they now?

Carla and Nathan are not the only ones to have a baby

A Glasgow fourth year is writing her dissertation on Love Island, making yours look rubbish in comparison

It’s all about how much we judge the contestants

Breaking: A Durham fresher has been crushed to death in a nightclub queue

This story will be updated regularly

The case of Molly McLaren: Murdered by her ex for breaking up with him

Police found Josh Stimpson covered in blood in a gym carpark after stabbing her 75 times

I copied Kim K’s sports thot look for a day and I strongly recommend you don’t

People looked at me like they were concerned for my health

Here are all the signs you might be living in a ‘sad boy house’

If you don’t live in one, you definitely know someone who does

This thorough investigation into which crisps crunch the loudest is essential British knowledge

Science has actually done something useful

An accidental email blunder suggests UoB supports sexual abuse

Controversy after UoB sends email appearing to support sexual violence

All Greggs’ Valentine’s meals sold out in less than 20 minutes

Is this Glastonbury orrrrr

This student is demanding a £2,250 refund for the lectures missed due to the strikes

She thinks it’s unacceptable

Spiked’s Free Speech uni rankings punish unis for banning anti-Semitism

Why would anyone take these irrelevant rankings seriously?

‘It wasn’t against my will or anything’: How a rape case built over two years fell apart with a single text

Liam Allan was accused of six counts of rape by his ex-girlfriend, but police ignored text messages she sent to her friends

If lecturers are going to strike that’s fine, but at least give us our money back

They’re taking away £770 worth of lectures

A York student has set up a petition to reimburse students for the upcoming strikes

He suggests students are entitled to £300 in refunds

Edinburgh Uni to completely divest from fossil fuels within the next three years


Gun fingers, gold chains and topless thirst traps: Can someone check if Liam Payne is okay?

Pretty sure people from Wolverhampton don’t say ‘yall’