Betsy DeVos is trying to make women second class citizens, says leading Title IX lawyer

‘Why on earth would anyone want to change a law that guarantees equality and safety?’

Cornell frat bro accused of shouting ‘build a wall’ outside Latino center

‘I strongly condemn behavior that is antithetical to our proud history of inclusion’

Her son died from alcohol poisoning after a party. Now she’s fighting to stop binge-drinking deaths

Mary Ciammetti started the ‘Don’t Stall, Just Call’ campaign to help students like her son Christian

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Half of sexual assaults on campus take place in freshman dorms, new figures show

Our Mapped project has analyzed incidents reported to campus police at 12 top schools

Young women describe run-ins with FSU sexual battery suspect

This isn’t the first time he’s had a run in with the police

‘We’re at the mercy of Trump’: Two Yale students on DACA left in limbo by Trump’s decision

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The tragic death of Jenna Burleigh, the student murdered during her first week at Temple

‘Our beautiful Jenna is now in Heaven. RIP honey’

Swastika graffiti seen on Michigan State campus

The Nazi symbol was scrawled over an anti-white supremacist poster

‘Jenna Burleigh was a free spirit, open with everyone and always there for me’

A close friend of Jenna pays tribute to her memory

This freshman sent her dormmates to Wendy’s when they asked the GroupMe where the party was

‘Half the group was extremely mad’

Missing Temple student Jenna Burleigh found dead

She had been missing since Thursday

Monuments to Robert E. Lee are coming down across the country. But this fraternity still worships him

Kappa Alpha think he’s a ‘true gentleman’ and a ‘role model’

‘The judge got it right’ says Penn State frat brother charged in Tim Piazza case

Manslaughter charges were dropped today

IU’s first trans sorority sister on why you should rush

‘I went through plenty of rejection during recruitment, but we all do’

UNC’s Panhellenic recruitment halted due to alleged norovirus outbreak

Feel better soon

‘Why are you punishing us?’ Two brothers in college react to Trump decision that could see them deported

‘What are they going to do? Deport thousands of DACA recipients and their families?’

Richard Spencer to sue UF for the right to speak on campus

Fuchs: ‘We are prepared to vigorously defend our decision. The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our highest priority’

Baylor rape scandal is just the tip of the iceberg, says ESPN reporter researching campus assault

‘These guys have been told that they’re special from a very young age. And you see them getting in trouble and getting a pass’

Professor sends angry email to students for skipping class — then realizes it was an online course

The emails go from ‘disappointed’ to ‘I’m sorry’

These freshmen put up signs in their dorm to get free food and it worked

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