What they say about us

Find out what The Times, The Guardian and various Big Names in the Media say about The Tab

“The student website making headlines”
 The Guardian

“If there is story buzzing around campus The Tab is always ahead of the game: a source to watch”
– Geordie Greig, Editor, Mail on Sunday

“The Tab covers what matters to its readers – stories from inside university life. When newspapers come to recruit graduates, this is what they look for.”
– George Brock, Head of Journalism, City University London

“The Tab are great because they combine brilliant professional support and education, with a voice which students enjoy and relate to. I have hired Tab journalists and taken them on work experience, because they are always prepared for the demands of online news”
– Luke Lewis, Editor, BuzzFeed UK

“Putting The Tab on my CV instantly made me stand out from the masses of other wannabe journalists – it has a profile and people know that Tab writers have a spark to them. Editors at national newspapers are intrigued by its slightly anarchic spirit – no one in the real media cares about pieces regurgitating student union motions, but they care about Tab investigations and its get-out-there-and-do-something journalism. When it came to actually working at a newspaper, my experience at The Tab meant I was able to jump straight in without being bewildered by how the news really works and what people actually want to read about”
– Phoebe Luckhurst, Features Writer, Evening Standard and former Tab Editor

“Recognition by The Tab is a great indication of a young journalist’s potential. Students who have worked on The Tab will have a head start on their CV.”
– Maurice Chittenden, Sunday Times Saturday editor

“The Tab has improved student journalism”
– Huffington Post

“The Tab was an excellent springboard to get into journalism professionally. It gave me a foundation of training, improved my news sense and sparked my enthusiasm for journalism in general. It gave me the initial experience I needed to get local work experience, which led to national work experience. I would not have got my place on the Journalism course at City if it was not for my involvement with The Tab”
– Sanya Burgess, The Daily Mail and The Sunday Times and former Tab News Editor

“The Tab taught me to think for a digital reader, the importance of proper investigations, and to value quality over hits (most of the time)”
– Ellie Pithers, Fashion Writer, The Daily Telegraph and former Tab Editor

“Since graduating from Cambridge a year and a half ago, I’ve written for the New Statesman, Vice, GQ and the London Review of Books. I now work as a Staff Writer at BuzzFeed UK. I honestly don’t think I would have had any of these opportunities had I not worked for The Tab during my time at university. The skills (and CV points) that I gained from the experience have proved invaluable”
-Tabatha Leggatt, Staff Writer, BuzzFeed UK and former Tab Editor

“Traditional student newspapers – with few exceptions irrelevant, conceited and tedious – might be the very weakest corner of the media firmament, but you can only beat what’s in front of you, as they say. I hope thousands more students will have the same fun we had running The Tab and that some of them will become journalists, as – amazingly – more than half of our team has done.  Nothing speaks of the The Tab’s brilliance better than that.”
Joshi Herrmann, Features Writer and runner up for Young Journalist of the Year at the 2013 Press Awards, Evening Standard

“Unlike its rivals The Tab is not up its own boring arse and gives the readers what they want. Too often student publications worry about worthy stories rather than whether or not the story is worth reading. Not a mistake The Tab makes”
– Paul Staines, Founder, Guido Fawkes

“A world apart from the dull-as-ditchwater, worthy windbaggery of so many student newspapers”
– Milo Yiannopoulos, The Kernel

“The tabloid titans of today — and tomorrow”
-The Times

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