Photos: the most important thing in journalism

A good feature or story is wasted if it has no pics. Here’s how to do them.

Every Tab article has photos – they transport the reader to a scene, conveying information no amount of words can. A good feature or story is wasted if it has no pics. There are six rules for Tab photos:

1. Use as many as possible

There is no limit: even ten pictures isn’t enough. Get at least three in.

loads of pics no

loads of pics yes

2. Take original photos

No one likes Google Images or memes, and you don’t own the copyright, so take your own photos or get them from your friends’ social media accounts. You’ve got a camera on your phone haven’t you? Pose up : everyone has to be embarrassed on The Tab at some point.

original pics


original pics yes

3. Get faces in wherever possible

Buildings and objects are boring – people want to see students’ faces. Get one in every picture.


faces no

faces yes

4. Camera phone is better than high quality 

High quality pictures look like adverts, which you naturally ignore. Grainy, social media-y photos are actually more appealing.

social media

social media no

social media yes

5. Make them big: full width

Insert them full size. 530 pixels is the width of a Tab pic: never do them small. Even if you can’t fit the whole pic on your screen, that’s better.

full width

full width no

full width yes

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