Raise Your Voice: A Millennial’s Guide to Living in a Trumped Up Nation

Love Trumps Hate

Contribution by Paige Ardill 

We refuse to be silenced. We are the generation who will expose the greed of the political system. We are the generation who will fight for our voices to be heard. We are the generation who will resist our oppressors actions of hatred with peaceful words of defiance. We are the generation of doers, and we refuse to be quiet. We are the student body at McGill University representing a nation that just got shocked.

For decades, our country has been run by a loud minority: politicians, CEO’s, radical groups preaching violence and destruction for profit and power. The fresh wounds of the recent election bare witness to this corruption. So what do we do? The overbearing fear of the known (and chilling unknown) may sometimes leave us feeling helpless, sitting idle while we hand our voices to the those projected on broadcast television–whether we stand with them or not. This has been done for years past, and what is one opposing voice among millions? We are the majority. Across the nation stand millions of of like-minded individuals using their first amendment right to fight for what should be innately true: to love simply, to live safely, and to protect the environment in which we all inhabit.


Trump’s policies, from abortion rights to LGBTQ rights, have been so back and forth and up and down, we really don’t know what’s going to happen. We know our president-elect has been accused of sexually harassing 17 women (including a 13 year old girl). He has been accused of fraud. He said he wants to build a wall, expel Muslims, and prevent them from entering the United States of America… and it was all accessible to us by the simple click of a button. Want to find real, factual evidence that climate change isn’t a sham made up by the Chinese? Easy, google it! It’s been proven time and time again. He claimed “the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S manufacturing non-competitive”, but any informed citizen must find it hard to believe that melting ancient glaciers, rising sea levels that are beginning to swallow islands up whole, and ocean acidification resulting in algae blooms and mass fish deaths is a black market scheme. By 2100 (almost 83 years away), the Persian Gulf will become too hot for humans to inhabit; to some of us, that is our home. This is instant information that can keep us all informed, and aware of the injustice in our political system.

Thanks to the internet, becoming informed and speaking out has never been easier. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all overflowing with passionate outcries to save our country from it’s inevitable downfall into an intolerant dystopia, more than likely than not brought on by the appointment of Steve “Turn On The Hate” Bannon–a questionable media executive and businessman who believes that “birth control makes women unattractive and crazy” and that “Political Correctness Protects Muslim Rape Culture”–to Chief Strategist.

From avid middle school political followers to big time stars like Amy Schumer, dismay of the results has turned from disappointed rants and horrified concern into inspirational odes. Jeffrey Wright, Westworld star, spoke out on Twitter in light of the protests saying, “May the election of Trump bring forth the fiercest, smartest, toughest generation of ass-kicking women this country could possibly imagine.”  


So what can you do to become this “fierce, smart, tough” person Wright speaks of? Firstly, inform yourself. It’s not hard to uncover the scary stuff that’s really going on out there–this election has pretty much acted as Pandora’s Box for that. Secondly, make a vow to yourself to speak up, whether that means promoting the issue to inform others, signing a petition, or going to a rally, or a protest.

And if you’re the silent type?

If you’re looking for that little spark of inspiration to speak out, this is it. If you have sat idle to the negative changes that have occurred because you thought your voice “was only one voice”, this is the sign to change. Despite all of the bad that has and will come out of Donald Trump’s election, Jeffrey Wright, well, had it right. The millennial generation, after a brief moment of nausea and tears, came back in a passionate roar. Across the country broke out peaceful protests and defiant marches fighting against a conservative government claiming abortion, muslims, gay rights and environmental protections should be outlawed. “Love Trumps Hate” echoed in the streets of Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Colorado, Miami–and over a week later, these marches have not stopped.

Despite being abroad, American students at McGill University on several occasions have shown solidarity and support for several movements. Whether it is about the elections, LGBTQ, or climate change, Americans over here proven they can voice their emotions and perspectives. We will raise our voices. We are the generation who will speak, do, and protect the futures of ourselves, our loved ones, and our planet. We are the generation of fighters, of change makers.

Don’t stop spreading the love.

McGill University