The Tab x McGill Students Fashion Club Vol. 3 – Street Art

The Tab and the McGill Students Fashion Club starting the fall season on St. Laurent.


The Tab has partnered with McGill Students Fashion Club once again to bring you the third installment of our style photo shoots. This time, we decided to showcase the views on Saint Laurent and its urban vibes. Known for its murals, Saint Laurent graciously provided us with countless backgrounds for our photo shoot. The immense size of the murals is breathtaking in real life and feature some incredible street art.

We ventured into the alleyways and got a glimpse of the urban culture. We especially enjoyed the grungy aesthetic which complimented many of our members’ outfits. We got some incredible photos to showcase and also probed the minds of our models to see how they felt about their outfits.

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A special thank you to our amazing photographers: Lisa Kristina and Will Youm.


Chloe is rocking:
Julliard wrap top – American Apparel
Bralette – Urban Outfitters
Pants – Giordano Ladies
Ruffle socks – American Apparel
Shoes – Hong Kong boutique
Lipstick – Blackmail by Urban Decay and Bull Chic by Colour Pop
Green velour choker – DIY

“I like my outfit because these pants say POWER.”



Devona is wearing a Forever 21 burgundy leather jacket, HK street vendor choker, jade necklace from Beijing, SheIn off-shoulder top, Zara leather shorts, Monki pizza socks, and Jeffrey Campbell boots.

“I like my outfit because it conveys only a fraction of the goth I am inside.”



Cathy’s repping a plaid shirt by American eagle, Forever 21 white tank, black jeans by American Eagle, Call it Spring Boots, and Paramount lipstick by Mac.

“Okay, so I like my outfit because it’s so wearable/versatile! I can wear it for a first date, class, hang out with a friend, etc.”



Tiffany’s got a thrifted map sweater, grey Wilfred Free by Aritzia turtle neck dress, American Apparel ruffle socks, and vintage brown Mary-Janes.

“I’ve come to love wearing clothes that somewhat hang off of my frame and that scrunch up and move as I move. The fact that it manifested itself into a sweater with a map of shipwrecks is just fate I guess.”



Tyler’s shirt is from Worn Away, Shorts are Cheap Monday, and he’s flexing with some oxford tan Yeezys.

“I like switching between wearing very many and very few clothes. Today was a few clothes day. “



Rosh is wearing a Monte Carlo khaki high neck pullover. khaki Dogstooth trousers, and Ruosh brown tassel loafers.

“I like the minimalistic look of the outfit. Earth tones compliment my personality and it’s suitable for a poetic fall mood.”



Gary is stunting with an Adidas windbreaker, Champion sweatshirt, Acne jeans, and the infamous Common Projects Achilles Lows.

“Vintage vibes with a subtle modern flare.”



Pedro describes his outfit as:

“Spezzato: italian word for “broken”, also referring to jacket and trouser ensemble that do not match. This outfit “breaks” a 2nd rule:  wearing white pants after labour day!”

Jacket: tailor made, cut (designed) by myself.

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Trousers: Tommy Hilfiger

Tie: Izod

Boots: Floyd



Russell is wearing:

McGill Integrative Bioscience sweater

Levi’s 511 Slim Fit

Nike Dunk High Top Barcelona

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Series 4

“I think good fashion doesn’t have to come with high prices. It’s the combination of different items and the person wearing them that make an outfit fashionable. To me, fashion is a lifestyle. I didn’t think about what I’m going to wear for the photoshoot until 20 minutes before the photoshoot. I basically wore what I would normally wore when I go to school.”



Lea was wearing black high-waisted ripped jeans from Zara, a black top from Brandy Melville, a lace bralette from Urban Outfiters, and a body necklace. Her ripped jean jacket is from Zara and underneath it was a long white shirt also from Zara. Finally, Italian white and red shoes, and a red bag from her grandmother.

“This is an everyday “streetwear” type of outfit. Comfortable and casual. My favorite part about it is the body necklace; people usually wear it to the beach but I wanted to do something different. I also liked the little color touch, just to give a little bit of vibrance to the outfit. My outfit is about playing with layers and with different items that have different styles. All you need is a little bit of imagination and creativity to get the perfect mix that represents you the best.”



Radhika was wearing: Hollister skirt, forever 21 body suit, fur vest, tights from Simons, and ankle boots from Aldo.

“What I loved about my outfit was how flexible it was, yet sophisticated. It was so easy to move around and still look good and put together. I also loved the colours since they played well with warm fall colours, and it was easy to spice it up if I was going out with dark lips or tone it down with neutral shades for lectures or running around town.”






Our photographer, Will Youm (@will.youm), shares his thoughts:

“It was a challenge but I enjoyed it a lot.

My main objective was to try and pull out the outfits in the shot as well as display the urban vibe within my frame.

The street art found all throughout the streets of Montreal, and especially on Saint Laurent, have such great compositions that can look good alone, but I found that challenging with some outfits since the colors and designs were so wild. I guess that’s what made this fun for me!

I really enjoyed the whole experience: you don’t really get to appreciate the street art until you take a closer look into the micro as well as macro perspectives of the details on the canvases. Shooting the street art exposed to the public and even venturing deeper, discovering the hidden ones was an eye-opening experience. Being here for almost a year now, I can’t help but think how much of this city I haven’t discovered yet.”






Our photographer, Lisa Kristina (@nextdimensional), had this to say:

“Street art in itself is an easy source of inspiration for shooting portraits because it’s a colorful, expressive backdrop surrounded by natural light. I like thinking about the fact that I’m creating art that directly highlights someone else’s art. If I were a mural painter, it’d be dope to see that my painting inspired another artist’s creative expression. I think it would be like being a producer or a singer and having someone remix your song.

As a photographer it’s easy to get distracted by anything that’s visually interesting. For portraits, I try to keep my shots focused on the model and their expression even if the rest of the shot is filled out by the art in the background. During this shoot I challenged myself to coordinate contrast between the models’ outfits and the art so they stood out against their backdrops. Most of my personal photography has an element of color and chaos, so it definitely felt right to me mixing the vibrant street art of Montreal with the individual styles modeled by the McGill Fashion Club.”














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