Weed could be legal in Canada this time next year

It’s like Christmas in April

The date has finally been set. Justin Trudeau has finally given the people what they want and arguably fullfilled the promises he made  to gain so much of the youth vote.

In a move that, aside from his boxer photos that make any millenials’ knees go weak, may be the most popular thing about his premiership, his government gave the green light for weed legalisation.

Speaking at a UN conference on drugs today, Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpot said that the Trudeau government plan to introduce legislation next spring to “legalize and regulate recreational marijuana.”

In a humorous turn of events, Trudeau has even dropped the P-bomb on 4/20 itself, the famous marijuana themed holiday. We can only assume that government officials backing this move were smoking a J themselves.

Happy 4/20 kids!

McGill University