Body image: What it’s like to live with an eating disorder.

“Once you realize that you want help, that you need help because you cannot do it on your own, go get help”

Raise Your Voice: A Millennial’s Guide to Living in a Trumped Up Nation

Love Trumps Hate

Post-Election Solidarity Rally

A mass assembly has been organized in light of the US election. Be there.

Epidemiology of Hipsterism, Part II

Still trying to understand what the Hipster is all about.

Epidemiology of Hipsterism

Hipster Montrealis: Mammal, postmodern family.
Habitat: Mile End.
Conservation status: Not threatened.

The Tab x McGill Students Fashion Club Vol. 3 – Street Art

The Tab and the McGill Students Fashion Club starting the fall season on St. Laurent.

An open letter to American McGillians

Let’s make McGill great again

Bartenders of Montreal – Pt. 1

Pouring Drinks, Spilling Secrets

McGill is one of the most sleep deprived universities in North America

Feeling sleepy?

Weed could be legal in Canada this time next year

It’s like Christmas in April

We asked our parents what 4/20 means

There was a lot of confusion

Quiz: How well do you know McGill?

Were McGill buildings funded by cigarettes or samosas?

The Tab’s ultimate guide to making your own cannabis oil

It makes about 10 portions of pure death

The Tab x McGill Students Fashion Club Vol. 2

We did another shoot and this is what we have for you

Why Montreal’s student music scene is amazing

SHYRE, St. Lawrence Warehouse Company, and Third Child

McGill is so much better than this

In response to the Board of Governor ruling on divestment

What it’s like growing up without a hometown

How do you answer the question ‘Where are you from?’

McGill music grad creates an escape with North Country Towers

He brings the calmness of northern Ontario to the middle of busy Montreal