Talia Richard-Carvajal
Homerton, English Talia is married in both Nevada and Colorado, at the hands of an Internet Minister in Queens' bar and has no gallbladder. These are unrelated incidents. She enjoys film and being bossy.

TabTV: Magdalene’s Record Breaker

We watch Magdalene student Sarah Greasley break 6 world records to raise money for charity.

Queens’ May Ball

TALIA RICHARD-CARVAJAL gets her money’s worth from classy food and drink, despite a disappointing headliner.

Pretty Little Panic

TALIA RICHARD-CARVAJAL dissects the Footlights’ latest tour show to pretty little pieces, with a little help from her internal monologue.

Top Trumps: 5 Worst Ever Films

“As Shakespeare said, shit happens.” TALIA RICHARD-CARJAVAL creates a typography for arranging the worst films of all time. Useful AND takes about six minutes of solid non-revision to read.

Word on The Street: The Boat Race

The Tab were in the pub on Saturday to see just what you thought would happen, and what you thought of what did happen.

The Staircase Sessions 2

We spoke to Lazy Lion, whose lead singer RINA SAWAYAMA is a 2nd year Magdalene student.

Word on The Street: Julian Assange

TabTV was there to get the reactions of the guests straight out of the chamber.

Lent Bumps Interviews

The Tab were down at the river this week finding out exactly what people thought was going on…

Itchy Feet

TALIA RICHARD-CARVAJAL: ‘Possessed with the Spirit of Jazz’s cooler brother, the Ghost of Groove, the floor was a mass of Cheshire Cat grins and flailing limbs’.

Word on the Street: Gardi’s

The Tab asks a selection of Gardies’ patrons about their reactions to the establishment’s upcoming 50th birthday.

Interview: Stephen K Amos

‘I had seven brothers and sisters. No one was listening…so I danced on the dining room table and broke it.’ TALIA RICHARD-CARVAJAL talks to STEPHEN K AMOS, comedian and self-confessed attention seeker.

Town vs Gown

Tab TV were ring side for this year’s instalment of Town v Gown. Watch the footage here.

The Word on The Street: Porn at The Union

Watch what the people of Cambridge think about the Union’s decision to host porn stars in their prestigious chambers.

Video: Blues React To Sports Complex News

A selection of the university’s sportsmen and women react to the news and explain how a sports complex would affect their sports.

Tab Tries – Time Travel

TALIA RICHARD-CARVAJAL and MONA EBERT attempted to go a regular day as their 1961 Mad Men-inspired alter-egos, spending 24 hours(ish) without any modern technology whatsoever. Read how they got on here.

Throw Your Own Week 5 Party

“You’re bored of bopping and swapping.” TALIA RICHARD-CARVAJAL brings you party suggestions, complete with playlists, The Only Way Is Essex, cocktails and costumes.