Natasha Michael

‘Why isn’t there an international men’s day?’ Please.

It’s November the 19th if you’re wondering

Week Five Blues are getting out of hand

Who knew an analogy for tough times could be so invalidating?

Let’s leave the fat shaming in January, please

Nobody cares what you had for dinner last night.

I’m being crushed by the student left at Cambridge

I’m sick of walking on egg-shells. We can disagree with each other.

Scrapping maintenance grants is a disastrous move

Why are we pricing people out of education?

Stop the poly bashing, please

Seriously, stop shitting on ARU

The Best of: Cambridge Yik Yak

‘Anonymous Twitter’. helping Cambridge students procrastinate since 2k14.

Cambridge Room 101: Cycling

Room 101. In Orwell’s 1984 it was a torture chamber said to contain the worst thing on earth.

Why your college SHOULD stay affiliated with CUSU

There are consequences for the decision Churchill could be about to make

Here’s what we’d tell ourselves if we were Freshers again

Don’t make the same mistakes as class of 2k14