Sophie Bauer
Senior Comedy Critic, Lent 2011 Robinson, Russian and Spanish Born in Germany and bred in France, the humiliation of her English teacher bestowing the name Pamela upon her forced her to flee and spend her tender teenage years in suburban Birmingham. Overall dedicated comedy fanatic, she'll review anything that may bring a smile to her weary face, from satire and stand-up to sketches and slapstick. Next year she will abandon the joys of student journalism in favour of living it up in Chile.

18 Questions for Pierre Novellie

SOPHIE BAUER chats with the omnipresent Pierre Novellie about comedy, comedy, Footlights, comedy, Edinburgh, and women in comedy.

20 Questions with Phil Wang

SOPHIE BAUER talks to the newly-crowned Footlights President, Phil ‘dollop of a man’ Wang about the Footlights presidency, pre-stage nerves, and performing alongside Lee Evans.


SOPHIE “dour” BAUER gives reserved approval to a technically shaky but charming musical.

The Pin

SOPHIE BAUER is wandering around in a cheerful haze after the godfathers of the Footlights treat her to a stream-of consciousness sketch show.

Wolfson Howler with Rob Rouse

Alternative vibes and pangs of apprehension don’t stop The Howler reigning supreme for SOPHIE BAUER.

Why Not Review: The Concept of Holidays

SOPHIE BAUER has no need to remember to wear sunscreen in a suburban summer.

Review: Wolfson Howler

Some comedy revelations and the Rubenesque Ed Gamble perfectly complimented Alun Cochrane’s snort inducing set for SOPHIE BAUER

Review: King’s Jest

SOPHIE BAUER found it took headliner James Dowdeswell to perk up the weary Week 8 audience.

Review: The Bald Primadonna

SOPHIE BAUER thinks ‘for those experimental theatre devotees amongst you it may well be worth taking a hit of the Playroom’s latest offering.’

Review: Alcock Improv

SOPHIE BAUER is impressed by the humble and hilarious group.

Review: Wolfson Howler

SOPHIE BAUER returned to Wolfson for a Howler with everything going for it, including an impromptu chat show.

Review: The Wild Duck

SOPHIE BAUER feels apathy towards this mediocre production. Photo: Tim Johns

Review: Lock, Stock and Improv

The Tab team is split – SOPHIE BAUER likes what LOTTIE UNWIN hates.

Review: Cambridge Types

SOPHIE BAUER takes a break from reviewing comedy and reviews people instead.

Review: Wolfson Howler

The Wolfson Howler returns with a diverse range of potential- some of it realised, some of it not.

Reviews: Good.Clean.Men.

Good.Clean.Men. lives up to the hype for SOPHIE BAUER.

Review: The King’s Jest

****- A well made fruit salad of comedy with only the occasional irritating piece of banana.