Sarah Stewart
News Editor, The Tab Syracuse

In defense of the Turkey Dump

no better time to bootycall your high school ex!

BREAKING: the mumps vaccine might not be as effective as we think

Allegedly, Merck & Co. defrauded the US by faking a vaccine efficacy rate of 95%

Haunted places to visit on campus tonight

Need to add a little extra dose of spooky to your Halloween?

Everything you’ve missed while away from the greatest place on Earth

Aaron Carter, dorm renovations, and why Kent sent out that email you probably didn’t read.

What can you buy with Kent’s salary?

212,056 mixed drinks or 106,028 doubles at Chucks (RIP sweet angel)

Seniors say Good-Bye to Chuck’s

‘Rest peacefully, my sweet prince, I’ll never forget you.’

BREAKING: Funk ‘n Waffles closing down Wednesday

10 years later

The ultimate finals survival pack

There is no chill unless you’re talking about the weather.

We spoke to the girl behind SU’s feminist Insta account

‘Feminism isn’t just about gender equality, it’s about little girls going up in a world where they are free to do whatever they want without being ridiculed for their choices’

‘Fuck Trump’ spray-painted on the Quad

It’s in all caps

Arrests made in off campus strong arm robberies

Six people were arrested today in connection with several crimes.

Phi Psi hosts Safe Driving Week in honor of Hunter Wason

Phi Psi hosts their first annual Phall Phestival in remembrance of Hunter Watson

SU to introduce gender neutral bathroom signs

In 2014 less than six percent of the bathrooms in the most trafficked buildings were gender neutral

One dead in officer involved shooting near Cage apartments

Syracuse PD is still investigating

Officer involved shooting at Cage

There is a heavy police presence at the scene

Syracuse students stage die-in on promenade

The die-in lasted 10 minutes

DPS denies existence of clowns on Syracuse campus

Sightings have also been reported across multiple college campuses

Syracuse junior victim of DeWitt homicide

Police officers responded Friday afternoon after gunshots were reported at the Springfield Garden Apartments

Everyone is pissed Fetty Wap didn’t perform at Juice Jam

Fetty Wap posted a video on his Snapchat story saying UU canceled on him

BREAKING: Fetty Wap didn’t show up to Juice Jam

Juice Jam 2k16 ended too soon