Sarah Stewart
News Editor, The Tab Syracuse

In defense of the Turkey Dump

no better time to bootycall your high school ex!

BREAKING: the mumps vaccine might not be as effective as we think

Allegedly, Merck & Co. defrauded the US by faking a vaccine efficacy rate of 95%

Haunted places to visit on campus tonight

Need to add a little extra dose of spooky to your Halloween?

Everything you’ve missed while away from the greatest place on Earth

Aaron Carter, dorm renovations, and why Kent sent out that email you probably didn’t read.

What can you buy with Kent’s salary?

212,056 mixed drinks or 106,028 doubles at Chucks (RIP sweet angel)

Seniors say Good-Bye to Chuck’s

‘Rest peacefully, my sweet prince, I’ll never forget you.’

BREAKING: Funk ‘n Waffles closing down Wednesday

10 years later

The ultimate finals survival pack

There is no chill unless you’re talking about the weather.

We spoke to the girl behind SU’s feminist Insta account

‘Feminism isn’t just about gender equality, it’s about little girls going up in a world where they are free to do whatever they want without being ridiculed for their choices’

‘Fuck Trump’ spray-painted on the Quad

It’s in all caps

Arrests made in off campus strong arm robberies

Six people were arrested today in connection with several crimes.

Phi Psi hosts Safe Driving Week in honor of Hunter Wason

Phi Psi hosts their first annual Phall Phestival in remembrance of Hunter Watson

SU to introduce gender neutral bathroom signs

In 2014 less than six percent of the bathrooms in the most trafficked buildings were gender neutral

One dead in officer involved shooting near Cage apartments

Syracuse PD is still investigating

Officer involved shooting at Cage

There is a heavy police presence at the scene

Syracuse students stage die-in on promenade

The die-in lasted 10 minutes

DPS denies existence of clowns on Syracuse campus

Sightings have also been reported across multiple college campuses

Syracuse junior victim of DeWitt homicide

Police officers responded Friday afternoon after gunshots were reported at the Springfield Garden Apartments

Everyone is pissed Fetty Wap didn’t perform at Juice Jam

Fetty Wap posted a video on his Snapchat story saying UU canceled on him

BREAKING: Fetty Wap didn’t show up to Juice Jam

Juice Jam 2k16 ended too soon

‘I was fearing for my life’ – How a pregnant woman has been robbing SU students

‘I saw this as an opportunity to help someone in need. I obviously didn’t know what was going to happen’

Kenneth Kavajecz is no longer Whitman dean, effective immediately

Kavajecz has also been placed on administrative leave

The ultimate guide to living off campus

Good luck, you’re going to need it

How working at a shooting range shaped my view on guns

‘Every summer, I happily and willingly hand out .22 caliber rifles to girls as young as nine’

More SU off-campus housing might be on the way

Fingers crossed

Man charged with killing his mother on University Hill

Jamar Brown, 22, has been charged with second-degree murder

What happens when your summer as a camp counselor is ending

And you’re not quite ready to leave yet

When does Southern charm become unsolicited flirting?

‘You better be careful…pretty girls like you will melt in this heat’

How to dress like a camp counselor

Forget Paris and Milan – at camp, the Walmart men’s section is the highest of couture fashion

Ingram, Texas proves the best things come in the smallest packages

You never know what you might find in a small town – it has it’s own stonehenge

Being a Southern Belle is completely unrealistic

It’s time to leave this ideal for southern women in the past

Otto the Orange named ACC’s best mascot

What we all know has been officially confirmed.

We found out why Northerners are so cold

And we’re not just talking about the weather

Nine SU alum have been nominated for Tony Awards

SU alum have received a combined total of 34 Tony nominations

Everything you can’t miss before you go home

How to be Single, The Chainsmokers, and pancakes

Syracuse is one of the most sleep deprived schools in the nation

Our student body, on average, only gets about 7 to 7.5 hours of sleep each night

I didn’t wear makeup for a week

I kept looking at myself in the mirror and wishing I looked good enough

BREAKING: SU alum Pearl Washington has passed away

Pearl Washington, 52, passed away today after a hard fight with cancer

BREAKING: Vince Staples, Louis The Child, and PUBLIC are playing at Mayfest

It’s going to be LIT

Everything you need to know about the New York Primary

It’s today by the way

What you can’t miss at SU this week

Pull out your IDs and get ready to vote

BREAKING: Former SU football player charged with stabbing pleads ‘not guilty’

A City Court judge, Judge Ross Andrews entered the plea for Howard this morning because Howard didn’t have an assigned lawyer

Syracuse football players stabbed, former teammate charged

Corey Winfield and Chauncey Scissum are now in a stable condition

Syracuse and ESF march to dump Trump

‘Dump racism, dump Trump, dump transphobia, white supremacy, dump borders’

What’s going on in Syracuse this week

OAD is putting on yet another Midnight Movie

Joe Biden is Syracuse law school’s commencement speaker

He is scheduled to give the commencement speech on May 13th

BREAKING: Donald Trump is coming to Syracuse

He might even hold his rally at the Carrier Dome

Ohio Governor John Kasich is coming to Syracuse

He will speak at LeMoyne College tomorrow

A comprehensive list of the best classes to take at SU

‘SPM 199 if you dig football, CFS 388 if you dig sex, FST 412 if you dig wine’

What’s going on this week at SU

Would you rather go to Zumba or eat pizza?

One World Trade Center will be lit in Cuse colors tonight

Governor Cuomo announced today the colors orange and blue would be in support of SU Women’s Basketball

Hillary Clinton was at Varsity Pizza today

She even stopped to take a selfie

BREAKING: Free buses will be provided to Indianapolis

The bus will depart from Schine at 8am April 2nd

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton is coming to Syracuse on Friday

A Syracuse organizing event will be held in the Central New York regional market at 2pm

What you shouldn’t miss this week at Cuse

In need of a movie night?

SU tuition is going up next year

Time to start searching in your couch cushions for extra change

John Bul Dau is coming to Syracuse on Saturday

The author of ‘God Grew Tired of Us’ hopes to breakdown social preconceptions surrounding refugees

Madeleine Albright is coming to speak at Cuse

Her Tanner Lecture will be on April 5th

SU student passes away unexpectedly

Justin Robinson passed away while visiting home

Campus buses forced to take alternative routes

Buses may have these abridged routes all weekend due to monster truck rally

SU has appointed a new Vice Chancellor and Provost

Michele G. Wheatley has been officially appointed

How can you tell if a guy is basic

Next time you call a girl basic look at what you’re wearing

BREAKING: Students forced to evacuate Life Sciences after pipe burst

Water was pouring from the ceiling

A single person’s guide to surviving Valentine’s Day

Long story short: make it even better

I go to one of the top party schools and I don’t drink

But at the end of the night we’ll both be exhausted and sweaty with beer on our shoes

If Elle Woods can make it into law school, you can survive this semester

Stop trying to put your GPA up for adoption

The guide to surviving sorority rush

Honestly, the only thing to survive is the weather

Finals week, only the strong will survive

And those who have Adderall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

What can you eat with a strict diet on Thanksgiving?

Sorry I can’t eat dairy, citrus, fatty meats, tomatoes, and onions

Health Center horror stories

‘I had to vomit on the nurse before they stopped asking me if I was pregnant or drunk’

How to get around with Biden on campus

Members of the Secret Service have been checking out Schine for days

As a sorority girl, I think police – not universities – should investigate rape

Read this before Biden comes to discuss sexual assault

Yes Means Yes: Silence is not consent

“Someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries now isn’t going to respect them 2, 3, 4 drinks in”

I met the humans of Marshall Street

Some of them are definitely not what was expected

We need to stop saying ‘Thank you for your service’

Veterans told us what we should say instead

The endless debate of more guns v less guns


If you told yourself you were good enough, would you believe it?

An Alpha Gamma Delta senior is campaigning to improve self-esteem