Sierra Rehm
Sierra Rehm

I'm a senior reporter here at The Tab MSU. I'm one of the reporters ready to jump on any hard hitting or breaking news, and enjoy digging into investigations. I have opinions, and I'm not afraid to argue them. I hit the ground running last year, and I plan to keep the momentum going. Got a tip? Slide in my DM's, they're always open.

Michigan State Board of Trustees remains supportive of President Simon

After a four hour meeting, it appears Simon will not resign

ASMSU unanimously calls for Simon to resign

This reverses a statement made in December

Help this MSU student find her Doppelgänger

There is a full on witch hunt occurring on twitter

Gymnast Simone Biles comes forward as survivor of Nassar abuse

‘I’m not afraid to tell my story anymore’

Larry Nassar was Michigan State’s best kept secret, it’s time we start talking

Why President Simon’s apology isn’t enough

Nearly half of all sexual assaults reported at Michigan State occur in dorms, according to a new map

And half of all incidents are reported on the weekend

BREAKING: Two MSU athletes injured in car accident in front of Skandalaris

The extent of their injuries are unknown

Former MSU gymnastics doctor expected to plead guilty for sexual abuse Wednesday — here’s what you need to know

He could be facing a life sentence

Hold the phone: Dantonio was interrupted by a Moana ringtone?

He swears it was a reporters phone, not his

How the hell did a swastika get posted on the MSU Snapchat location story?

A makeshift Nazi symbol on campus somehow made it through Snapchat moderators

How to deal with mental health on campus

It’s OK to not be OK

BREAKING: Holden Hall evacuated after student pulls fire alarm

The entire building was evacuated

University receives vague threats to athletic events

The threats are still under investigation

Michigan State ranked 33 for best public school in America

We’re stuck in a six way tie, but we all know who rules

It looks like Richard Spencer might be speaking at MSU after all

A lawsuit was filed against the university last night by Spencer’s organization

ELPD live-tweeted an entire night of patrolling MSU welcome week parties, and Twitter went wild

EL Police: Keeping you safe AND killin’ it on Twitter

Strangers stalked me for weeks and tried to kidnap me. Here’s how I escaped

‘I knew it it came down to it, I’d go kicking and screaming’

Definitive proof that all MSU Greek recruitment videos are the same

How does one choose?