Remi Monaghan
I am from a small town in Metro Detroit. I have loved journalism and sports my whole life. I am currently a freshman student at Michigan State University studying journalism. I have a passion for writing and sport broadcasting. Along with writing for the Tab, I work at the Big Ten Network here at MSU and am the feature reporter for the softball team. On a less serious note, I am a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority. I also have a small obsession with Chipotle burrito bowls and golden retrievers.

MSU Police issues arrest warrants for football players accused of sexual assault

Names have yet to be released

Allegations of sexual assault force three athletes off the football team

Names of players have not yet been released

Join the MSU student who is taking a stand against East Lansing parking

MSU student raises a petition to lower MSU and East Lansing parking rates

Conrad’s forced to close its Abbott Street location

2017 is off to a terrible start

BREAKING: Armed robbery on M.A.C.

The incident took place just north of campus

MSU’s newest club is helping students cope with mental illness

‘Mental illness is still something that people just don’t talk about, but we plan on talking about it’

Blaze Pizza is about to take EL by storm

The popular restaurant will be located next to Panda Express on Grand River

Former MSU doctor officially arrested for criminal sexual conduct

Data breach hits MSU

Records of nearly 500 MSU students, faculty and staff were compromised

Come out to support MSU Volleyball and Breast Cancer Awareness Wednesday

You aren’t going to want to miss it

MSU hockey honors previous head coach on home ice

Spartans will, honor Ron Mason

More women come forward with allegations towards MSU doctor

16 women to be exact

Car crashes into side of Delta Chi house

No one involved has life-threatening injuries

Everything you need to know before your first MSU tailgate

Sing the fight song as much as possible

So help me God I hope writing off student loans is ‘only a matter of time’

Will our student loans be ‘forgiven’ as a recent government study suggests?

An honest list of items you need during rush at MSU

These are the things that the blogs won’t tell you

Just in case you’re wondering, UMich still sucks

Like anyone could forget

The late Mike Sadler to be inducted into the hall of fame

The news comes after his memorial service on Sunday

The 10 commandments of Michigan State football

All hail coach Dantonio

The best parts of being a Detroit Tigers fan

Eat ’em up, Tigers

Communications majors aren’t just after a Mrs. degree

News flash: journalism majors have brains too

Taking away the women’s only lounge is taking away equality

It’s not just about the lounge

Students ‘disappointed’ MSU union study lounge will no longer be women-only

A petition has been launched against the decision

Every type of people you’ll meet at Michigan State orientation

Be prepared to meet people much different than you

What you need to know about the MSU tobacco ban

It could cost you $150

Everything we miss about East Lansing during the summer

Because home doesn’t have Rama and Conrad’s and 75,000 people packed into a stadium in green

Why you should start shaving your face

Yes, really

Why you should start shaving your face

Yes, really

What it’s like to be a girl in the sports world

Suck it up, buttercup

Learning how to play golf could give you a more successful career

It’s all about networking

What does the AE shorts size fiasco mean for women?

Imagine what this can do to a girl’s confidence

The pros and cons of being a golf caddy

The early mornings and farmers tans are so worth it

The pros and cons of being a golf caddy

The farmer’s tan and early mornings are worth it

If the characters of Game of Thrones were Big Ten schools

Some of these are so spot on its scary

Why MSU men are the least romantic humans on this planet

This is either going to creep you out or make you laugh – or both

MSU Poli Sci teacher suddenly passes away

Our thoughts go out to his family and friends

Why Olin Health Center is the WOAT

‘All they’re good for is the free condoms and even those make your dick look green and blue’

MSU softball star named finalist for NFCA National Freshman of the Year

She also currently ranked #1 in the country for triples

Beloved chemistry professor retires after 48 years

Michael Rathke taught over 30,000 students

BREAKING: Trump graffiti spotted in front of Dem Hall

‘Build the wall’

Police release updates about missing student

Posts on social media since he has been reported missing were scheduled

Someone stole Sparty’s golf cart and dumped it in the Red Cedar

They’re offering a $1000 reward… kinda

Fleece and Thank You comes to MSU

Giving kids hope one blanket at a time

MSU has the best alumni network in the world

Some pretty cool people once walked the same halls that you do

Michigan State grad invents GPA calculator app

Since d2l won’t do it for us…

Michigan’s Mr. Basketball winner is coming to MSU

Maybe the new Valentine?

How much are the MSU basketball players worth?

Can you really put a price on something this amazing?

How to survive a darty like a true Spartan

Pro tip: It’s a marathon, not a sprint

What it’s like living with spring break FOMO

I am your friend group’s worst nightmare

Lower consequences for underage drinking in Michigan if legislation passes

Now we don’t have to be so paranoid during tailgate season!

MSU and Title IX: An inside look

It took the university almost five times as long as it should’ve taken to file the report

How to survive the week before spring break

I know it’s hard but I promise you will make it through

SAE’s Tumblr page is cuter than your sorority’s

Changing frat stereotypes one selfie at a time

MSU teams you should be watching: Men’s Tennis

Fun fact: We have sports teams besides football and basketball

We asked freshmen if MSU is meeting their expectations

Is it everything you hoped it would be and more?

Everything MSU students shouldn’t have to pay for

For as much as we pay in tuition, you would think certain things would be included

MSU students react to hover-gate

They can take away our hoverboards, but they can’t take away our fun… or maybe they can

An ode to Landon Dining Hall

If you live in North, #BlessUp

MSU is clearly the inspiration for the new American Hogwarts

Go hang out in North Neighborhood for a while and you’ll see

A new app is connecting Greeks around the country

Not only are you going to know your sisters on campus but you’re gonna be able to know them across the country