Noelle Fallacara

‘Clothing can show your personality, accentuate your body, make you feel something’: An interview with BU fashion blogger Caitlin Harper

‘My sister has a pair of Crocs and I want to disown her’

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The best brunch spots in Boston that you definitely can Instagram

Do you even live in Boston if you don’t brunch?

Reminder: Changing your hair a lot doesn’t make a girl ‘crazy’

Long hair or short, still don’t care

We all know being the hot mess of the girl group is better than having your life together

Let me live and eat an entire pizza on a Saturday night OK?

Meet Arlin Moore, the BU vlogger with the incredible drone footage

He even gave us an inside look at the making of the Alpha Phi recruitment video

Gunman reported in Allston

A frat even went on lockdown

BU raised its tuition again over spring break and people are pissed


Is it just me, or does literally every girl at BU dress exactly the same?

Homeless chic is a lifestyle

BU ranked in top one percent of universities globally in over 35 subjects

That’s right BC

Nike announces a new sport hijab for Muslim athletes just days after launching a line of plus-sized workout gear

Nike’s inclusivity is encouraging

Milk Makeup is challenging gender norms with new ‘Live Your Look’ campaign

Gender fluidity is the new masculinity

The New England Patriot’s Parade was everything it should’ve been

If the weather wasn’t freezing and snowing, would it really be a New England event?

BU New Year’s Resolutions

Ditch your fuckbuddy

What you should be drinking this New Year’s Eve based on your college

We get it Questrom, you need your scotch

All the New Year’s resolutions we’ll make but not keep this year

You’re not going to ‘go to the gym more’ and you know it

Exercise is the best study break

I know it seems contradictory, but trust me on this

Every awkward encounter you’ll have this Thanksgiving

Be thankful for the awkward and unexpected

Trump’s presidency proves sexism is alive and well

Don’t let anybody tell you that feminism is dead

8 Things to do in Boston that aren’t partying

It’s too cold to be trekking through Allston

An impassioned defense of napping

Take your nap and then wake up and run the world

BU notifies students of ‘shooting incident’ near campus

The shooter fled from the scene

How to stay safe this Halloween

If there’s a clown, run

I ate like Kim Kardashian for a week

It’s her birthday today

I ate like Kim Kardashian for a week

It’s her birthday today

Just because it’s mating season doesn’t mean you should fall for a fuckboy

The Fall Fuckboy is a dangerous breed

The definitive hangover map of BU

A guide to the best recovery day you never asked for

I’m a moderate Republican and I’m having an identity crisis

It’s my first time voting and I’ve never felt more confused

Misogyny needs to be recognized as a hate crime everywhere

It’s time for women to receive proper protection under the law

Your survival guide to the Allston crawl

Don’t be the one to make a party foul

Allston’s Thai rolled ice cream is not worth the trip

I paid $7 for an Instagram post

Stop calling me depressed because I like to be alone

Alone but never lonely

Ladies, go to a male strip club – you’ll love it

And they said I wouldn’t have fun

How to transition from teenager to adult in the eyes of your parents

You lived on your own and you feel like a badass but your parents still call you ‘pumpkin’

Why Girls is the TV show all millennials should be watching

I’m the Hannah Horvath of my friends and I am proud

An edgy look does not mean I’m a delinquent

No my piercing doesn’t mean I do drugs

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I became irritable within three days

Romance novels are giving us an unrealistic idea of what love should be

No, it’s not that easy in real life

How I got over my toxic relationship in just seven days

Don’t date your lurking lover

It’s time we stop stressing over the ‘perfect bikini body’

Stop worrying about how others will look at you in your bathing suit and own that shit

What it means to be on a college dance team

It’s not all sparkles and pom-poms

You shouldn’t feel single shamed on Valentine’s Day

All you need is you

Why New Year’s resolutions aren’t stupid

Since when is self-reflection a bad thing?

Why going out as a girl at BU is bullshit

No I will not give you a smile

The BU Dining Services has the best Twitter

Here’s why