Mikayla Tencer
Mikayla is a junior at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill studying management and society with a minor in social and economic justice. She is a passionate individual when it comes to work, friends and fun! Always willing to go the extra mile for a story or a friend! One day hopes to be an Event Manager for a firm or PR agency.
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What sexy UNC halloween costume should you be this year?

Everyone loves some sexy humorous costumes so why not go this year with a UNC twist!

Franklin St. is getting new pizza places and Korean fried chicken

nom nom nom

QUIZ: Which iconic ’00s show would you star in?

If I don’t get to live in Star’s Hollow I’m quitting

How well do you know Carolina basketball?

The ceiling is still the roof!

Which UNC basketball player are you?

Your bracket is already done, but just to take it one step further…

If you’re at all superstitious, these are the foods you should eat to keep UNC winning

Order egg rolls ASAP

Can you guess how many Kennedy Meeks it takes to reach the top of the Bell Tower?

It’s a lot

How Carolina are you?

We genuinely hope you’ve been to YoPo

Today would have been Dean Smith’s 86th birthday, and we miss him now more than ever

Happy birthday to one of the greatest coaches in college basketball history

All the thoughts you’ll have between now and spring break

so close, yet so far

Which late night Chapel Hill restaurant are you?

We are what we eat

I don’t just want a woman for president, I want a single woman for president

Women don’t need to be caregivers or even wives to be great politicians

A definitive list of why UNC will always be better than Duke

UNC’s mascot is an adorable, strong ram, while Duke’s is a devil…heathens

Everyone on campus needs to start walking faster or I am going to lose it

My patience is lower than your mph

A Tar Heel’s guide to drinking cheap every day of the week

It’s always happy hour somewhere here in Chapel Hill