Megan Medeiros
News Editor

I lived like it was 2009 for a week and honestly I don’t know how I survived a whole year of this mess

Why did no one stop me???

Step aside Disney World, there’s a new happiest place on earth and it’s Harrisonburg

We asked several Harrisonburg residents what they loved about the friendly city

What I learned living with undiagnosed celiac disease for 18 years

By middle school, I’d broken the same arm every time

Watch out world, JMU Class of 2017 will take the business world by storm

The results of The Tab JMU graduation survey

All the reasons JMU is the best college in the world

We all know it’s the best

It’s all going to be OK: Tips from a graduating senior to the class of 2021

Welcome future Dukes

Everything you need to do in Harrisonburg before you graduate

Who would consider leaving without one last Kline’s trip?

Teen pregnancy, racism and prescription drugs: Under the surface of Bristol, VA/TN

An insider look at conservative small-town America

How the National Forest budget cuts affect us

We talked to JMU students as well as a former park ranger

I spent all of my dining dollars on coffee my senior year at JMU

The grand total is $146.25 – and it’s not the end of the semester yet

What it’s like being an atheist at JMU: A first-hand account

“don’t you think you need the Bible? Don’t you want to go to heaven?’

Meet the JMU students who won best documentary at the Virginia Student Film Festival

They’ve been selected to participate in the Children’s International Film Festival because of it

This is not a drill: H&M opens tomorrow and they’re basically giving away free stuff

It’s like a consolation prize for losing Aeropostale

Stop what you’re doing so we can tell you how to get $2 Cook Out Trays tomorrow only

That $2 is including the delivery fee

Praise the beer gods: Harrisonburg’s newest brewery will let you brew your own beer

Does drinking count as an elective class yet?

Harrisonburg finally holding its own Women’s March on March 11

The ever-growing women’s marches in our country to come to our backyard

Harrisonburg is one of the top 10 cities impacted by the immigration ban

Which makes it that much more important for us to speak up

Are these ‘Communal Quad Scream’ Facebook events ever actually going to happen?

Lots of RSVPs going… very little screaming

Parking is without a doubt the worst thing about JMU

RT if you’ve been personally victimized by JMU parking

These sophomores are challenging how the JMU administration handles hate speech

‘JMU does a great job preaching about diversity but doesn’t do a good job making us feel like we’re a part of that family’

JMU students protest hate speech following Trump’s inauguration

‘This is our gathering of visibility and hate is not welcomed here’

MyMadison is the absolute worst

Security so tight no one can get into your account… including you

JMU alum named US Soccer Disabled Player of the Year

He competed in the 2016 Paralympic games in Rio

JMU named second most Instagrammed place in Virginia

Let us all pretend to be surprised

Everything locals love about Gatlinburg

It may be a tourist destination, but to some people it’s home

UPDATE: Harrison suspect has been taken into custody

Law enforcement will continue on-scene investigation

To the people who wrote in Harambe for the 2016 election

Not so funny now, is it?

Meet the girl who’s been sitting outside of Wilson for 24 hours

‘People are scared and that’s not okay’

BREAKING: Trump graffiti on campus

This is why we can’t have nice things

JMU ranked 9th best college food

But we all know we’re really the best

Halloween costumes for the lazy girl in all of us

Because who has time to pick out the perfect costume?

Stop what you’re doing: Free Starbucks outside Carrier right now

Only while supplies last

LGBTQ+ JMU students share their coming out stories

‘I started questioning my sexuality in 7th grade. I wasn’t really sure what was happening so I kept it to myself’

Update: University says there were no actual clowns at JMU

JMU confirmed that the sighting happened on another campus

Breaking: There was allegedly a creepy clown sighting at JMU last night

A mob of students attempted to hunt the clown down with baseball bats

JMU ranked fifth most beautiful college campus

Things we’re not surprised about: this

Does Harrisonburg have a race problem?

Recent racist acts beg the question, is Harrisonburg really inclusive or are JMU students living in a bubble?

Meet the JMU student who volunteered for the Olympics

Just casually frolicking around Rio getting selfies with Olympians

Being a host at Cracker Barrel is the best job in the world

Great food and better people

If Harrisonburg bars and breweries were your friends

You’re probably a total Artful Dodger

What it’s like being an atheist in the South

‘My mother thinks it’s just a phase I’m going through’

How to maintain a long term relationship and not exile your friends

I’ve been in a relationship for 7 years and I still maintain a social life

In my corner of Virginia, people take their right to bear arms seriously

‘I’ve known people with handguns whom I would trust with my life, and people with full arsenals whom I wouldn’t trust with my lunch’

What it’s really like being a pageant girl

Don’t believe everything you see on Toddlers and Tiaras

As a former Cook Out employee, I’m appalled they denied Trump supporters service

‘You cannot refuse service to someone based on which candidate they support’

Bernie Sanders has no plans to drop out, says spokesman

He’s going to the convention

Everything you were afraid to ask about celiac disease

Stop assuming we’re all fad-dieters

We asked a group of women why they splurge on expensive bras

‘You aren’t just being ripped off because you need an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder’

The Tri-Cities of Va/Tn are the absolute best place to grow up

Three cities around the border of Virginia and Tennessee are so small they’re all grouped together

Everything you know if you work for your parents

Think Pawn Stars meets American Pickers in a small Southern town with less drama and twice the fun

What it’s actually like to work in fast food

I’ve worked at Arby’s, Subway and Cook Out

Breaking: Protest in Harrisonburg to fire city employee

The crowd is chanting, ‘hey hey, ho ho, Ergenbright has got to go!’

The weirdest and worst things I experienced as a Cook Out employee

I worked there for eight months

What it’s really like going to school online

It’s a lot harder than you think

Harrisonburg voted 6th favorite hometown in America

It’s better than Disney World… literally

All the things you should do one last time before graduation

The last of the ‘lasts’ at JMU

JMU students successfully protest Trump with no violence

The protest took place outside the Republican Convention held at the Convocation Center on JMU’s campus

JMU students to protest Trump’s candidacy this Saturday

It will be on the sidewalk outside the Convocation Center at 11am

My experience losing my pet while away at college

What happens when you lose your childhood best friend while you’re at school

UPDATE: Trump NOT coming to JMU

Oh no…

Update: Wildfire keeps burning in Shenandoah National Park

It’s grown to 5,600 acres

Wildfire breaks out in Shenandoah National Park

A wildfire broke out Saturday night and continues to burn

Meet the ultimate JMU couple

They had the Duke Dog at their wedding and naturally, the color theme was plum and gold

What it’s like to hate sports at JMU

This school is obsessed

Everything you’re doing instead of studying for finals

Like day-drinking to forget…

What to do and not to do when your parents visit

You should probably hide your bong…

The Big Event is this Saturday

Show your appreciation April 9

What I’ll miss most when I graduate from JMU

They don’t just hold doors open everywhere

How JMU students felt about the Spirit Rock fiasco

Someone painted ‘Trump 2016’

BREAKING: Someone graffitied ‘Trump 2016’ on the East Campus rock

It painted over a memorial to a dead JMU alumnus

Madison Connection pranks us all with fake news of raccoon infestation

Good one…

Breaking: Harrisonburg Quaker Steak and Lube closed

We received some traumatically sad news today, JMU…

JMU ranked third best school in the nation by students

Because we know what’s up

JMU Catholic Campus Ministry goes all out for Easter

Guess who’s back, back again, Jesus’ back, tell your friends

Why everyone should check out Sing Out! this week

All nine acapella groups on campus are performing with two local high schools on March 23 and 24

They screwed up ‘University’ in JMU’s new Snapchat geotags

Only at JMU

Harrisonburg has been nominated in America’s Main Street Contest

Are you even surprised?

What it’s really like to live with your boyfriend in college

Everybody poops

JMU’s Giving Day an excuse to exploit JMU students

I quickly learned that Giving Day really meant giving to JMU, not from JMU

How JMU students really feel about defunding Planned Parenthood

With the recent passing of HB 1090 in Virginia, we asked JMU students what they thought about defunding Planned Parenthood

JMU ranked 6th best campus food in the nation

Nom nom

Meet the JMU student who won a National Geographic photo contest

His selfies are probably better than yours too

Are JMU students brand snobs?

What’s the real price we’re willing to pay?

We need to change the way we talk about sexual abuse

Nine per cent of rape and sexual assault victims are men

Comforting tips for anxiety sufferers

Whenever you just need a break

An open letter to upcoming JMU freshmen

What to pack and how to act your first year at JMU

People Googled “How can I move to canada” way more after Super Tuesday

The search spiked 1,000%

The most annoying things about JMU

We all know the struggle is real

Allergy-free eating (and drinking) at JMU

Gluten free isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle

It’s definitely not okay to vote for someone based solely on gender

Voting for someone based solely on gender is sexism at it’s finest

Behind-the-scenes of JMU’s show choir: The Madisonians

Once a class, now a class act, meet these talented Dukes

What I learned from being mostly homebound for a year

You think being home for break is hard… try being too sick to leave for a year

Abingdon, VA is the greatest place on earth

Am I the only person at JMU not from NOVA?

I’m the only Democrat in a family of Republicans

I was afraid to tell my really conservative, Southern family that I was liberal, but now I just avoid talking politics

Why everyone should read To Kill a Mockingbird

Set aside the SparkNotes on this one

The Tab JMU isn’t one publication too many

Whatever happened to the more the merrier

Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts on a budget

When cutting it close is an understatement

Meet the JMU senior who started his own company

The Tab caught up with JMU senior, entrepreneur and president of GreenValley apps, Brian Chambers

We asked JMU students how they feel about church and state

‘Just like I don’t care who you sleep with, I don’t care about your religion’