Meg Davies
Exeter Editor of The Tab

A swastika was carved into a door in Birks Grange Village on Exeter campus

There were also white supremacist slogans scrawled in Llewellyn Mews

Forum hill will be a ski slope tomorrow

48 tonnes of snow is being brought in

Last night’s stabbing in Exeter: How the events unfolded

A ‘very dangerous man’ was apprehended by Devon police just before midnight

Stabbing update: incident labelled as “domestic”

“public not at risk”

Third year Physics paper contained ‘illegible misprints and formatting errors’

It was reprinted and they were given a mere extra 15 minutes

Tracee Ellis Ross just became the first black woman in over 30 years to win a Golden Globe

‘Tracee Ellis Ross winning at 44, just a reminder to never give up, no matter how hard it gets’

We’re looking for Exeter’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Nominate today

Man sentenced with GBH after fracturing Exeter student’s skull

It happened outside Unit 1 this summer

It’s time we stopped teaching women to feel guilty about showing off

‘Sorry, some self-promo here but…’

Why do we still teach women to be scared and helpless?

We need to stop teaching girls to be afraid of the world

Why do we still teach women to be scared and helpless?

We need to stop teaching girls to be afraid of the world

An Exeter hockey fresher lost a game of fives and had to go on a 15 hour journey to Edinburgh

‘The first few hours were really tough’

There is now an app for students who are too scared to ask questions in lectures

Anonymous queries are now an option for increasingly nervous students

‘Your exams are just talking’, and other ways to annoy a languages student

Please don’t mention Brexit

RAG Exeter has already raised £2,600 for Movember – with more to come

It’s a mammoth of moustaches and money making

Semi-Toned have won the first round of BBC2’s ‘The Choir’

They will be representing the South West of England in the semi-final later this month

28-year-old local supermarket manager denies groping Exeter fresher

In court, the defendant denies sexually assaulting the student in her halls of residence

Brave BNOC Connor McBride on shaving his head for Movember

‘I want to make a statement. I want to make it huge.’

A Unit 1 barman blacked up for Halloween

He was dressed as Cool Runnings

Everything you’ll miss about the UK on your year abroad

An ode to the restorative healing power of a well-made cuppa