Matt Allinson
Former Editor, Chemistry PhD student, Paris Hilton Super-Fan

8 tips for hosting the perfect AGM

It’s evey club members’ least-favourite time of the year

“I’ve been mining Dogecoin in the computer rooms”

And I’ve made £20!

The Tab’s guide to choosing what to stand for

Slightly more thorough than going ‘eeny-meeny-miney-no’

Editorial: Felix, what the hell is this Woody Allen piece

Dear Peter Brook, Joe Letts and John Park,

Win a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s

Serving suggestions include filling a bath tub with it and jumping in with a spoon

Call for Writers: Movember Blogger

We’re always after more writers, this one is a tad more specific though

Boris on Campus for Q&A

What you get if you cross Prince Harry and Colin Firth

Move over Harry, Darcy’s here

Colin Firth to be filming scenes for new movie on Prince Consort Road on Saturday

Red-Head Royal’s Research Visit

Prince to visit research centre for veterans

7 things that would’ve been better than the new “Gift Shop”

I could come up with way more than 7

God’s Not Dead

Nietzsche to CU, to CU Nietzsche

Imperial On TV tonight

The episodes shot at Imperial air tonight

The Tab Good Pub Guide: Call For Contenders

Summer election results suitably silly

Low turn-outs, RONs and re-runs a plenty.

DPE Hustings

We bring you the hustings for the re-run education sabb election

Woolwich Terrorists Linked to South Ken Protesters

Turns out I’d been chatting to a hate figure without even knowing it

Website Of The Week: UKIP.IM

Imperial Alumnus sets up his own political party. Well, the website at least.

Internet Irate at Imperial Interships

Internship removed from Westminster website after backlash from staff, students and bloggers

Revising in the Library Part III

The .gif who loved me

Buy an Internship in a research group

Students angered that experience at college can be bought

DPE role now open in summer elections

Jonathan London unable to take role, so new election to be held

Silly Season Begins

The first of the big “Stress Less” events starts tomorrow with a bouncy castle on the lawn

Short Cited: Kittens Help you Pass Exams

New academic study from Japan shows cute images increase concentration

Felix Accounts Frozen

Series of failings could spell end for felix. Updated 29/4: **PLOT TWIST** It didn’t.

Petting Zoo on Queen’s Lawn

Union’s stress relief tactic proves immensely popular

Imperial accused of animal abuse

Hidden cameras in biology lab reveal excessive suffering of laboratory animals

Brian May statue to be erected on Queens Lawn

He’s a rocket ship on his way to mars

£25 to watch football… For Science!

MRI study into the brain behaviour of football fans needs test subjects

College’s Response to #AgainstActon

College promises consultations, and not a huge amount else

No Marks For Late Coursework

New rules from college mean that late work gets an instant zero



Iraq war protest raises eyebrows

Presence of controversial pro-shariah group outside of Physics department.

The Election Results

Chunks of Masonry fall off Mechanical Engineering

Ugly and dilapidated building adds “potentially lethal” to its list of qualities

Outrage at Graffiti In Physics Department

Imperial embarrasses itself over the subject of sexism… Again

Yes James Bromley, yes it does

Exactly the one thing we did not want to happen

Website of the Week: Guy live-tweets getting a dildo stuck in his ass


The elections so far on twitter.

Who are you voting for Union President?

#AgainstActon: Union Petitions gaining momentum

Imperial’s Research Reputation Reduced

Imperial drop 1 place in the World Reputation Ranking, still better than UCL though.

3 Minute Chicken Challenge

One Man, One Chicken. 3 Minutes.

Editorial: College Needs To Listen

#AgainstActon: The Backlash

Students take to twitter to let them know what they think of the new halls

Outrage Grows About New Halls

Opening of Acton halls comes with the closure of Evelyn Gardens

Con Los Teroristas! Imperial Harlem Shake videos

RAG Masquerade Ball

Photohighlights from last night’s valentines RAG ball

Valentines Day: Imperial Style

Email your tragic or successful valentines stories to [email protected], tweet them at us or post them on our facebook page and we’ll pop them up here

Passive Aggression just got more passive

Imperial Library’s new “Shut the Hell Up I’m Doing Science” service launches.

Imperial To Join British Ivy-League?

£9,000 fees hike not enough to keep top British universities competitive, claims former Education Secretary.

Leaving Imperial

Why interrupting your studies can be a good idea


We stalk 6th form children on the internet in the name of journalism

Felix vs The Tab Imperial… The Beard-Off

Week 1 in a competition which is being heralded as “slightly more shit than varsity”

My first term as a lesbian teenage mother

Zara tells us her story


This is probably the most important piece of news that is possibly going to happen today